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Ionian Sea, Greece

Kefalonia (or Cephalonia) is the largest of the Ionian islands, located next to Zakynthos and Lefkada, and a great holiday destination. On Ferryhopper you can find ferry schedules to Kefalonia, information about how to get there and what to do on the island, as well as beaches and the best places to go. Book your ferry tickets to Kefalonia easy, fast and at the best prices! 

How to get to Kefalonia

It's very easy to get to Kefalonia in the Ionian sea, by car and ferry. The island of Kefalonia is well-connected to mainland Greece with both the ports of Kyllini and Patras in the western Peloponnese. You can travel from Athens to Kyllini and Patras by bus or car and then take the ferry to Kefalonia. More specifically:

  • The distance from Athens to the ports of Western Peloponnese is 280 km to Kyllini (3h15min drive) and 210 km to Patras (2h30min drive). There are regular bus routes to Kyllini and Patras from the Kifissos Bus Terminal in Athens. 
  • The port of Kyllini serves frequent ferry connections to the port of Poros in Kefalonia. There are at least 3-4 ferries per day traveling from Kyllini to Kefalonia (Poros) and the ferry trip lasts approximately 1,5 hours
  • There are frequent ferry connections from the port of Patras to the port of Sami in Kefalonia. The ferry trip lasts approximately 3 hours and especially in the summer months, there are 6-7 weekly ferry crossings from Patras to Kefalonia (Sami). 

Check the Ferryhopper search engine for all the ferry schedules from mainland Greece to Kefalonia and plan your trip to the Ionian Islands in the most convenient way for you. 

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The ports of Kefalonia

Before you book your ferry tickets to Kefalonia it is good to keep in mind that the island has 2 main ports: Sami and Poros.

  • Port of Poros: The port of Poros primarily serves the ferry route to Kyllini.
  • Port of Sami: From the port of Sami you can get a ferry to Patras, Ithaki, and Italy. 
  • The distance between the port of Poros and the port of Sami is approximately 27km (35 min drive). 

Both these ports are located on the east side of Kefalonia while there is also a small port on the west side of the island that mainly serves the ferry route from Zakynthos (Zante) to Kefalonia, the port of Pessada

Island-hopping from Kefalonia

Located in the middle of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is a great departure point for some island-hopping! There are frequent connections from the ports of Kefalonia to nearby islands such as Ithaki, Zakynthos, or Corfu. During the summer months, there is also the option to travel by ferry from the port of Sami in Kefalonia to the southeast coast of Italy and the ports of Brindisi and Bari.

On the Ferryhopper Map of Ferries, you can see all the ferry connections from the ports of Kefalonia, direct and indirect ferry routes in the Ionian islands and the ports of Italy and Western Greece and book the best itinerary for you! 

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What to do in Kefalonia

If you are looking for a relaxing break from city life, then a trip to the beautiful landscapes of Kefalonia island is what you need. The island of Kefalonia is a real charmer, both cosmopolitan and with wild natural beauty that offers a variety of activities and cultural events throughout the year. The island of Kefalonia is also a popular holiday destination for families, as well as everyone who enjoys exploring nature, and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea. The renowned beach of Myrtos often voted amongst the best beaches in Greece, has made Kefalonia famous across the globe, for its turquoise waters and white sand. Of course, this is just a small taste of the elements, colors, and beauties that make Kefalonia a unique travel destination.

Beaches in Kefalonia

Kefalonia (Cephalonia) is a large island with a long coastline, which means that you have many options for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing by the sea. The Ionian Sea waters are famous for their blue-green colors and their cool temperature even during the Greek summer heatwave. Many of the beaches in Kefalonia are organized, with parasols, beach bars or water sports facilities while there are many options as well for more secluded and quiet beaches. Here are some of the best beaches in Kefalonia to choose from: 

  • Myrtos
  • Xi beach
  • Petani 
  • Antisamos
  • Makris Gialos
  • Platia Ammos
  • Foki (Fiskardo)
  • Ai Helis
  • Kaminia
  • Skala beach
  • Kato Lagadi
  • Lagadakia
  • Koroni
  • Limenia

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Activities in Kefalonia

The island of Kefalonia has an impressive landscape combining long sandy coastlines and rich vegetation, with impressive hills and cliffs as well as the mount Ainos. Kefalonia (Cephalonia) is a great place for outdoor activities and we highly recommend that apart from swimming on the island's beautiful beaches you also try: 

  • Hiking
  • Tours at the caves of Melissani and Drogarati 
  • Sea kayaking
  • Paragliding
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkelling 
  • Wine-tasting tours 
  • Mount Ainos national park 

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Food in Kefalonia

The Ionian islands are famous for their cuisine based on fish, vegetables and local herbs. When you visit Kefalonia, you should definitely taste

  • Bakaliaropita (Cod pie)
  • Goat or rabbit stew 
  • Skordalia (garlic spread)
  • Tsigaridia (rice with greens)
  • Mantoles (traditional local desert)
  • Thyme Honey
  • Robola wine

Villages in Kefalonia

Kefalonia (Cephalonia) is the largest island of the Ionian sea and it has many different settlements across the island, close to the sea as well as in mountainous areas. The capital of the island is Argostoli, located on the west side of Kefalonia, opposite the second largest town, Lixouri. We recommend that you rent a car and drive across Kefalonia to discover as many of its beautiful corners as possible. Here are some interesting towns and villages to visit in Kefalonia: 

  • Argostoli
  • Lixouri
  • Assos
  • Fiscardo
  • Sami
  • Poros
  • Skala
  • Kourkoumelata
  • Agia Efimia
  • Neochori
  • Atheras

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Distances in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is a big island and it is important to bear in mind some of the island distances in order to wander around its beautiful yet spread out sites. See below few key distances: 

  1. Port of Sami - Port of Poros: 27km (approximately 38 minutes drive)
  2. Port of Sami - Argostoli: 27 km (approximately 37 minutes drive)
  3. Port of Poros - Argostoli: 40 km (approximately 55 minutes drive)
  4. Argostoli - Kefalonia International airport: 8,5 km (approximately 15 minutes drive)
  5. Argostoli - Lixouri: 35 km (approximately 45 minutes drive)
  6. Argostoli - Myrtos beach: 30 km (approximately 42 minutes drive)
  7. Sami - Myrtos beach: 20 km (approximately 30 minutes drive)
  8. Port of Sami - Fiscardo: 40 km (approximately 58 minutes drive)

Kefalonia tip: If you travel without your own vehicle to Kefalonia it is useful to know that the island has a good bus service network. It is also usual for people to use local taxis for their transport to the island but since the distances are long it is good to check in advance the rates for every destination. 

Where can I book ferry tickets to Kefalonia?

If you are planning to visit Kefalonia for your holidays this year then you can book your ferry tickets online on the Ferryhopper pages. On our search engine, you can compare all the available ferry itineraries to Kefalonia, ferry companies, ferry ticket prices, and island-hopping options for the perfect ferry trip in the Greek islands!

Kefalonia has direct ferry connections with 12 ports:

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