Saronic Gulf, Greece

Ferry schedules and tickets from Athens (Piraeus) to Agistri

Agistri is one of the small islands of the Saronic Gulf, pretty close to Athens. Agistri is located between Aegina and Methana and is linked with Aegina and Piraeus with frequent ferry schedules, either with highspeed or regular ferries. The ferry tickets to Agistri are quite cheap and the daily ferry itineraries between Piraeus and Agistri are quite often, especially during high season. The ferry trip duration between Piraeus and Agistri is 55 mins with flying dolphins or 1 hour and 35 minutes with regular ferries.

These are the main reasons that Agistri is one of the favorite islands for weekend excursions during summer. If you plan to travel to Agistri during these months, take care of booking your stay and your ferry tickets in advance!

A brief description of Agistri

Agistri has two neighboring villages Scala and Megalohori, where you can eat fresh fish and drink a relaxing cocktail. The beaches of the island are quite nice and comparable to the beaches of the Cycladic islands. The most visited are Halkiada and Dragonera. Reaching Halkiada is a bit difficult as you need to go down a steep trail. However, the effort is well deserved as the crystal clear sea will give you an immediate relief. On the other hand, Dragonera is reachable by car and there is also a beach bar. Dragonera combines the shady pine trees with a pebbly beach.

Summing up, if you are in Athens and you are reading this article, there is no reason to have second thoughts; book e-tickets through Ferryhopper and in 1:30 hours you will be in Agistri!

Agistri has direct ferry connections with 8 ports:

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