Summer Offer with ‘Tera Jet’: Get from Piraeus to Paros in less than 3 hours, for 39.90€

Summer Offer with ‘Tera Jet’: Get from Piraeus to Paros in less than 3 hours, for 39.90€

Travel to the Cyclades with the largest high speed ferry in the world

Book your summer holidays with Tera Jet, the largest high speed ferry in the world

Tera Jet is a unique ferry and an asset in the fleet of Seajets, as it takes you fast, comfortably and cheap to your favourite Greek islands! Are you ready for this 5 star travel experience? 

Summer offer: Ferry tickets to Paros, Ios and Santorini 

Choose Tera Jet for your high-speed ferry trip to the Cyclades and get the Seajets summer offer:

From Piraeus to Paros in 2 hours and 50 minutes, for just 39.90€

Piraeus to Paros Seajets summer offer

From Piraeus to Ios in 4 hours and to Santorini in 5 hours, for just 59.90€

Piraeus to Santorini high speed ferry

Why choose Tera Jet for your ferry trip to the Greek islands?

Tera Jet is a modern ferry by Seajets that guarantees a comfortable trip to your favourite summer destinations. 

  • Size: Tera Jet Is the largest high-speed ferry in the world
  • Speed: It is one of the fastest Greek ferries due to its 2 jet engines 
  • Technology: Tera Jet has an advanced stabilization system to resist the summer winds 
  • Comfort: The Seajets ferry offers a comfortable trip, with spacious seating and reclining seats 
  • Luxury: Tera Jet has extra lounge spaces, escalators and a 400-seat bar accessible to all passengers. 

High speed ferry to Cyclades - seajets

travel fast and in comfort with Seajets high speed ferry

How to book your ferry tickets with Tera Jet

Are you dreaming of your holidays in the Greek islands? Do you want to save time from your ferry trip and enjoy more of your time in the beach? 
The ferry trip to Cyclades is now easier, faster and cheaper with Tera Jet and Seajets' summer offers! Book through Ferryhopper and save time and money on your ferry trip: On our search engine you will find all the Tera Jet itineraries from Piraeus and you can book your ferry tickets to Paros, Ios and Santorini in just a few clicks!