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Rocky formations by the sea in Zante, Greece

Cruising through the rocky landscapes of Zante in the Ionian Sea

Ferry routes between mainland Greece and the Ionian Islands

Can’t wait to swim in the Instagrammable beaches of the Ionian Sea? Your first step, of course, is to catch a ferry to the Ionian Sea from one of Greece’s mainland ports.

Specifically, in western Greece, you can find the mainland ports of Kyllini, Igoumenitsa and Patras. From there, you can easily catch a ferry to Corfu, Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zante in 2024. 

The main routes between mainland Greece and the Ionian Islands are as follows:

  • Ferry Igoumenitsa - Corfu: this year-round route is available with up to 25 daily crossings in the summer that last 1-1.5 hours. Ferry tickets to Corfu start at about €5.60.
  • Ferry Igoumenitsa - Paxi: for €10.30, you can reach Paxi from Igoumenitsa by ferry every day throughout the year. The ferries make the crossing in less than 2 hours.
  • Ferry Kyllini - Kefalonia: in 1.5 hours and for €13.50, you can directly travel to Kefalonia from Kyllini. The route is operated every day all year long.
  • Ferry Kyllini - Zante: the 1-hour ferry route to Zante costs about €12.50 per passenger. Crossings are available every day, with up to 6 daily departures in the summer.
  • Ferry Patras - Ithaca: in 4 hours, you can reach Ithaca (Pisaetos) from Patras all year long. This ferry route is served every day and standard tickets cost around €15.40.
  • Ferry Patras - Kefalonia: to reach Kefalonia, you can catch a direct ferry from Patras for €15.40. The ferries make the crossing in about 3.5 hours.

Note: in the past, ferry connections from Astakos to Ithaca and Kefalonia were also in operation. At the moment, no schedules have been published for 2024.

Additionally, the island of Kythira, the seventh and most remote of the main Ionian Islands, is situated off the southern tip of the Peloponnese. As such, the connected ports in this case are Neapoli and Gythio. You can browse the Neapoli - Kythira and Gytheio - Kythira routes here.

Extra tip: if you wish to reach the Ionian Islands directly, consider that there are international flights connecting you to Corfu, Zante and Kefalonia. This might save you some time and allow you to plan an island-hopping trip or two more easily. 😉

View of the sandy coastline of Kyllini in mainland Greece

Moments of serenity in Kyllini

Island hopping in the Ionian Islands

Don’t limit your Ionian getaway to just one island; the more, the merrier!

Island hopping in the Ionian Islands is rather popular, especially during the summer months when ferry routes are more frequently available. Beginners and seasoned travelers alike often choose to plan an island-hopping adventure from Paxi, whose strategic position makes it an ideal starting point.

To get a better understanding of island hopping in the Ionian Islands in 2024, take a look at these popular ferry routes:

  • Ferry Corfu - Paxi: this route is operated seasonally, with daily crossings in the high season. Ferry tickets start at around €10, with the trip duration varying between 55 minutes and 2.5 hours.
  • Ferry Paxi - Lefkada: this 3-hour island-hopping route costs around €12.50 per passenger. It is usually operated on a weekly basis in the high-season months.
  • Ferry Kefalonia - Ithaca: in 20 minutes, you can smoothly reach Ithaca from Kefalonia every day. This is one of the few island-hopping routes that are operated all year round.
  • Ferry Corfu - Kefalonia: this route is operated once a week by Ventouris Ferries and lasts around 7 hours. The route is available only seasonally.

Tip: from the 6 major islands of the Ionian Sea, you can also catch a ferry to Meganisi, one of Greece’s many hidden gems. For similarly secret destinations, continue reading and discover the island-hopping connections to the Diapontia Islands in the Ionian Sea.

Boats anchored in Paxi, Ionian Islands, Greece

The otherworldly beauty of Paxi from above

Reaching the Diapontia Islands by ferry

The Diapontia Islands, waiting for you just northwest of Corfu, are a Greek island complex with many hidden gems to uncover. Its 3 major islands, Ereikoussa, Othoni and Mathraki, are mainly reachable by ferry from Corfu. The routes are available year-round and are served on a weekly basis, usually every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

You can browse all available ferry schedules between Corfu and the Diapontia Islands here:

Note: you can also find boats from Agios Stefanos in Corfu that can take you to the Diapontia Islands. In this case, however, the transport of vehicles is not possible, and neither are online bookings.

Sunset view of the bay of Ereikoussa in the Diapontia Islands, Greece

The untouched bay of Ereikoussa

Ionian Islands: ferry companies and on-board services

The main ferry companies that serve the routes to/from the Ionian Islands are the following: Joy Cruises, Lefkada Palace, Ventouris Ferries, Kerkyra Seaways, Ionion Pelagos, Kerkyra Lines and Levante Ferries. Certain island-hopping routes are also operated by local companies and their small vessels (such as Chania Lines and Kamelia Lines).

Routes operated by high-speed ferries usually don’t offer cabins or the option to transfer your vehicle. Routes operated by conventional ferries, however, provide you with more options, flexibility and comfort. In the case of vehicle tickets, consider booking yours well in advance, especially for trips in the high season.

Additionally, depending on the ferry company and route, you can find a wide range of discounts for various passenger categories, such as toddlers, children, people with disabilities and students of Greek universities. 

Tip: while all companies allow you to travel with your pet, we suggest that you consult the operator that you will be traveling with, as certain pet policies and amenities may vary. In any case, carrying all necessary pet documents, tickets and supplies is highly recommended.

Boats at the small port of Vassiliki in Lefkada, Greece

Stopping at the port village of Vassiliki in Lefkada

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