Trekking in Italy: 7 hikes for epic adventures

The best hiking trails for adventure lovers

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure that combines physical activity and contact with nature, hiking is perfect for you! From the north to the south, Italy is full of striking landscapes and natural wonders to be discovered.

Check out our list of the top hiking trails in Italy, choose your starting point and start exploring!

View of Mount Etna in Italy, an active volcano with plumes of smoke rising from its peak

The amazing Germoplasma Trail in Etna Park

7 breathtaking hiking trails in Italy

Italy's landscape varies so much from north to south that it is ideal for trekking.

Both experts and beginners can choose from a variety of organized excursions to get in perfect harmony with nature and explore lesser-known locations.

On Ferryhopper, we have created a list with 7 stunning hiking trails to get some ideas for your next trip to Italy:

1. The Germoplasma Trail in Etna Park

Immerse yourself in nature's wonders at the Etna Park, a must-visit attraction if you've chosen to travel to Sicily. The Germoplasma Trail offers a short, accessible path perfect for all skill levels. You'll also be rewarded with stunning views of Mount Etna and the surrounding area.

The path begins close to the San Nicola La Rena Monastery and stretches between vines and an endless variety of plants. With a gentle slope of less than 7%, it takes about 1 hour to complete.

And if you’re wondering when to visit the Germoplasma Trail, spring is the ideal time to experience the park in full bloom! Once in Catania, take an AST bus to get to Nicolosi Nord, where the cable car and jeeps to Etna leave from.

2. The Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast

The Path of the Gods is one of the most gorgeous hiking trails in the world. The Amalfi Coast will astound you with its breathtaking views and cascading terraces adorned with vibrant lemon groves.

As you leave Positano behind, you'll be captivated by the rolling hills of the Italian countryside and the spectacular sea views. The allure of a refreshing dip along the way might be irresistible.

This 8 km trail ends in the village of Praiano. We recommend avoiding it during the hottest summer months or if you’re prone to vertigo!

A part of the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Scenic view from the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast

3. The "Kalabria Coast to Coast" trail

Have you ever imagined walking from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Ionian coast? The "Kalabria Coast to Coast" trail is a captivating 55-km journey promising an unforgettable experience.

Wind your way from the charming town of Soverato to the picturesque village of Pizzo. You will encounter Calabria's untamed beauty, idyllic beaches and perched villages as you travel.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure brimming with history, culture and emotions that ventures far beyond the typical tourist routes!

4. The Wild Blue Trail in Sardinia

Craving adventure? Look no further than the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) in Sardinia, regarded as Italy's most challenging and incredible trek. This 45 km trekking route along the Gulf of Orosei is undoubtedly something you cannot miss if you are a seasoned trekker and enjoy adventure.

The journey begins in the town of Pietra Longa, which is located 25 minutes from Arbatax. The trails wind their way through secluded bays, towering cliffs, rivers, and hidden caverns. Although they are rough and wild, they are well worth it! 

Tip: if you are unfamiliar with the area, hiking the Selvaggio Blu route with a qualified guide is highly recommended.

5. The Blue Trail in the Cinque Terre

Venturing to Liguria's Cinque Terre? Then don't miss the iconic Blue Trail. This 12 km trail connects the 5 enchanting UNESCO-listed villages and offers stunning panoramic views as well as historical gems and natural attractions.

If you travel to Genoa, consider visiting the Cinque Terre and trying this one-of-a-kind experience! The trail is relatively easy and takes 3 to 4 hours to complete. For access to the national park and its amenities, purchase the Cinque Terre Trekking Card (€7.50 for 1 day).

Tip: part of the route may be closed off due to weather events. Make sure to visit the official website of the national park for the latest updates before you set off.

Sunset in the Ligurian village of Vernazza, Italy

Panoramic view of the century-old village of Vernazza, Cinque Terre’s jewel

6. The Trail of Stromboli in the Aeolian Islands

Unleash your inner explorer and discover Stromboli, a hidden gem nestled in the Aeolian Archipelago. This island paradise is the ideal vacation spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities and crater climbing, as it is home to an active 40,000-year-old volcano

Along the way, you'll encounter a variety of landscapes, from deserted areas to vibrant fields of caper plants, all while enjoying breathtaking sea views.

The walk takes between 5-6 hours to complete and is of moderate difficulty. However, if you want to climb higher than 400 m, you will need a professional guide.

7. The Trails of Calafuria in Tuscany

Escape the hustle and bustle and discover a hidden gem – the Calafuria Nature Reserve. Nestled near Livorno, this park boasts breathtaking beauty, making it a haven for nature lovers. The trails are perfect for all ages, offering an easy hike suitable for the whole family.

Fosso in Castellaccio is the starting point and it leads to Calafuria. The Etruscan Coast's stunning scenery will take your breath away with its lush vegetation, dramatic canyons, charming medieval towns, and quaint villages.

If you wish to follow this route during summer, we suggest that you set out early in the morning and take your swimsuit with you so you can cool off in the crystal-clear waters of Calafuria.

The cliff of Calafuria in Tuscany, Italy

The Tower of Calafuria, part of the homonymous nature reserve

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