Italy’s best beaches to enjoy the night of San Lorenzo

The most beautiful spots to make your wish under the stars!

The 10th of August is one of the most fascinating times of the year to observe shooting stars. And by the beach, the spectacle is even more rewarding!

Pick the location that fits you best among our selection of Italian destinations and start planning your summer trip with Ferryhopper!

A child setting up his telescope at the beach to view the stars in Italy

Getting ready to see the stars

Italy's best beaches for stargazing on San Lorenzo

The summer date with the stars is celebrated on the night between the 10th and 11th of August, known in Italy as the night of San Lorenzo, celebrating the homonymous martyr.

According to Christian belief, the shooting stars are supposed to represent the tears shed by the saint. A striking image for sure, but for experts this day is simply the best one of the year to observe the Perseid swarm with the naked eye.

One of the most popular spots to enjoy the show is the beach, especially if it is far from city light pollution. All you'll need is a beach towel, some snacks, and a wish (or more) to make!

Here are 6 great beaches for an unforgettable night of San Lorenzo in Italy:

1. Marina di Varcaturo (Campania)

About 35 km from Naples, in the province of Caserta, there is the ideal place to experience the magical spectacle of the shooting stars. The long shoreline of Varcaturo is perfect for admiring the sky and is a favorite among locals and visitors.

At Lido Gallo in particular, a popular event is organized every year by the UAN (Union of Neapolitan Astrophiles). The program includes astronomy presentations and it is an amazing opportunity to observe the constellations with a telescope. It’s a free event, so we highly recommend it!

2. Cala Spinosa (Sardinia)

If you’re planning a summer vacation in Sardinia this year, you should visit the Gallura area. In addition to its renowned nightlife, here you’ll have the chance to relax and explore the wilderness of its beaches at night.

Cala Spinosa, near Santa Teresa Gallura, is perfect for stargazing by the sea! It is an unspoiled and relatively secluded spot, far from the hustle and bustle of the town. You can reach the beach by following the signs to Capo Testa Lighthouse and walking down a steep trail.

Don’t forget to bring a flashlight with you!

The bay of Cala Spinosa in Sardinia, Italy, at night

Starry night in Cala Spinosa, Sardinia

3. Sorgeto Bay (Ischia)

Have you ever thought you could spend the night of San Lorenzo in a natural hot spring?

Sorgeto Bay, on the island of Ischia, offers optimal light conditions for stargazing, and it is also a great spot for enjoying an evening swim in small warm pools. You can reach the area in 15 minutes from the port of Forio and enjoy an aperitivo by the bay before the sun goes down.

Starry skies and relaxation are the perfect combo for an incredible night in Ischia!

4. Mezzavalle Beach (Marche)

If you’re passing by the port of Ancona this summer, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in Italy! The Conero Riviera is a long stretch of white beaches with crystal-clear waters that remains mostly unspoiled.

Among the best-hidden gems of this coast, we can find the spectacular Mezzavalle Beach, surrounded by vegetation and cliffs.

After a dive in its calm waters, you'll just have to lie down on the sand and let the starry show begin!

Mezzavalle beach on the Conero Riviera at night

The Mezzavalle beach in all its nightly beauty

5. Lunga Beach (Stromboli)

Among the 7 Aeolian Islands, Stromboli is the northernmost and its streets are lit only by the stars. Indeed, there is no artificial light at night on the island, and the only noise you’ll hear comes from the sea or the murmuring volcano.

Lunga Beach, in the northern part of the island (near the Piscità area), is one the wildest and most popular, especially among young people. You can reach it from the port of Stromboli on foot (in 30 minutes) and plan the perfect night of San Lorenzo with your friends or your sweetheart!

6. Baratti Beach (Tuscany)

The Maremma is considered one of the best areas in Tuscany to enjoy the night of the shooting stars. More specifically, the beach of Baratti, near Piombino, welcomes a lot of visitors every year.

The centuries-old pine forest behind and its calm waters create a dreamy atmosphere for a night to remember forever!

Baratti beach in Piombino in the evening

Baratti beach and its forest at sunset

So, which one will be? No matter where you decide to go for the night of San Lorenzo this year, you can book your ferry tickets online on Ferryhopper!

We make your wish to travel at the best price come true, and hopefully the rest will be taken care of by the stars! 😏