What to do in 24 hours in La Gomera

Welcome to the emerald island of the Canaries!

Are you in for a day trip? If you're on vacation in the Canaries, La Gomera, the second smallest island of the archipelago is a great destination for a 24-hour getaway!

It's also known as "The magical island" thanks to its stunning viewpoints, charming villages, enchanted laurel forests, and adventurous hiking trails. So, hop on a ferry to the port of San Sebastián in La Gomera, discover what to do there in 1 day, and let the magic happen!

The village of Hermigua filled with banana plantations in La Gomera

 Banana plantations in the mountainous village of Hermigua

Explore the capital city of San Sebastián

You will fall under La Gomera’s spell before even reaching the magical island. As you approach the port of San Sebastián, the views are breathtaking. The colorful houses clinging precariously to the hillsides make a perfect first impression of the capital of La Gomera.

As long as you disembark from your ferry, you can start exploring the city of San Sebastián. Only a few steps from the port, you will get the first hints about the connection between Christopher Columbus and the island of La Gomera. It is said that Columbus and his crew stayed here before departing for America.

Take some photos alongside the imposing statue of the world-famous Italian explorer and then head towards the park behind it. There, you will see the Tower of the Count (Torre del Conde), a medieval fortification dating back to 1447. Its tiny wooden doors, and its whitewashed and red stone blocks give a charm to its Gothic style

Enjoy a walk inside the park and let your steps take you to the beautiful Church of the Assumption (only 5 minutes away on foot). The church is painted white with a brownish hue and wooden details. Inside, you will see an old painting in memory of historic sea battles transforming the interior into a piece of art. 

Also, make sure to visit the open market located on the Avenida de Colón avenue. It is open daily from 08:00 until 15:00 and it is filled with fresh products and delicious local delicacies such as gofio (flour made from roasted grains) and palm honey.

There, you can also find almogrote, a tasty paté made from a mixture of cured artisan cheese and local wine to take with you back home. You can then enjoy a cup of coffee and a torta villana before leaving the capital of La Gomera to explore the Garajonay National Park.

The Church of the Assumption in San Sebastián, La Gomera

The beautiful Church of the Assumption in San Sebastián

Go hiking in the Garajonay National Park

Leaving the busy streets of San Sebastián behind, rent a car to drive up the Garajonay National Park. La Gomera is an ecological treasure with vast forests, evergreen trees, rich endemic flora and fauna, and stunning landscapes

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most amazing landscapes in the green pearl of the Canary Islands. It’s a place to relax, admire nature and appreciate silence. Therefore, take your hiking boots, grab some snacks and a bottle of water and let’s go hiking!

There are 18 different hiking trails passing through the Garajonay National Park. While following the marks, you will come across some strange subtropical plant species and rare laurel forests. 

Take the trekking route that passes through the Enchanted Forest, an old laurel forest covered with moss and lichen. Breathe deeply, relax and enjoy the springs, the lush vegetation, and the fairy-tale landscape surrounding the hiking trail. 

Hiking trail in the Garajonay National Park in La Gomera

Enchanting laurel forest covered in moss in the Garajonay National Park

Go village hopping 

On your way back to San Sebastián from the Garajonay National Park, you can make stops in some of the most beautiful villages in La Gomera. El Cedro is a mountainous village with traditional little houses, ideal for a lunch break. The famous watercress soup served in a wooden bowl will give you a great tummy hug, exactly what you need after a 3-hour hike!

After regaining your strength, you can continue your village-hopping to Hermigua. It’s a charming village in the middle of a ravine surrounded by banana plantations. Take some time to appreciate the quiet rural life and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the sea.

The last stop before you head to the beach is the village of Agulo. Located between two valleys, Agulo offers breathtaking views of the island of Tenerife and the majestic Mount Teide. Walk around the historic center, stroll through the cobblestone alleys and visit the impressive San Marcos Church with its white spikes and triangular windows.

The cobblestone narrow streets of Agulo village in La Gomera

The cobblestone alleys of the colorful Agulo village

Relax on La Gomera’s volcanic beaches 

As far as now, a city tour, an enchanted forest, and a village-hopping experience will probably have given you a real sense of La Gomera. However, we saved the best for last. Beach time is relaxation time! Visit the Ávalo beach, enjoy the eternal spring weather of the Canary Islands and take a dive surrounded by the amazing volcanic landscape. 

Lay your towel down on the beach, take a book and listen to the Atlantic waves as they crash on the shore. If you want to lie down on black volcanic sand while you enjoy the sun, you can visit the paradisiacal Playa del Inglés.

Tip: if you want to relax on a beach that offers a few services, then you can go to San Sebastián beach which is very close to restaurants. 

The paradisiacal coast of Playa del Inglés in La Gomera

The paradisiacal coast of Playa del Inglés 

So, if you’re looking for a place to take a break from the crowds of the Canaries' touristy areas, the emerald island of La Gomera is the perfect place to escape!

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