How to get to La Palma: the complete guide

Plan your getaway to La Palma step-by-step!

La Palma (also known as “Isla Bonita”) is located on the western part of the Canary Archipelago and is known for its exceptional beauty and volcanic origin. It has stunning wild landscapes, magnificent beaches and a wide variety of things to do. 

We suggest that you take a look at our La Palma travel guide and find useful info and tips for your stay there. But first, let’s see how you can travel to La Palma!

Flight or ferry to La Palma?

La Palma is one of the most well-connected and easily accessible Canary Islands, as you can get there either by ferry or plane. There are plenty of domestic and international flights to La Palma, as well as ferry crossings from mainland Spain and most of the Canaries.

Although plane trips are faster, traveling by ferry is our personal favorite. Read below the key benefits of ferry trips to La Palma:

  • Ferry traveling is more comfortable as you can stroll around and breathe fresh air at the deck, all while admiring the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Taking the ferry to La Palma is a great way to bring along your vehicle and explore every corner of the island with ease.
  • Traveling by ferry with your pet is the most convenient way to get around the Canaries for you and your little friend. 
  • Traveling by ferry to La Palma is the most eco-friendly way to visit the Canaries! Learn more about sustainable ferry travel on Ferryhopper.

Green palm grove with blue sky in the background on La Palma in the Canary Islands

Greenfield with palm trees in La Palma

How to get to La Palma from the Canary Islands

Getting to La Palma from the rest of the Canaries by ferry is one of the easiest ways to reach the beautiful island. We have gathered below information about the most popular ferry connections and how long it takes to get to La Palma from neighboring islands.

How to get to La Palma from Tenerife

Both ports in Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Los Cristianos) are connected to Santa Cruz de La Palma with direct ferry crossings. There are between 1 and 5 daily departures operated by Naviera Armas, Fred Olsen Express and Trasmediterránea.

The duration of the ferry trip depends mainly on the port of departure, but fast ferries only take 2.5 hours. The cost of a single ticket for the Tenerife - La Palma route starts at €52.32 and there are discounts available for children, students, residents, etc.

Note: there are also flights from Tenerife to La Palma. The plane trip lasts around 30 min.

Getting to La Palma from Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is also connected to La Palma by ferry. You can find daily crossings from the ports of Agaete or Las Palmas in Gran Canaria to Santa Cruz de La Palma, served by Naviera Armas, Trasmediterránea and Fred. Olsen Express.

The ferry journey takes between 4.5 and 9.5 hours including the stopover in Tenerife and the price for a one-way ticket for the route Gran Canaria - La Palma starts at €87.46.

Tip: You can take advantage of the stopover in Tenerife to spend a day getting to know this wonderful island.

Note: you can also catch a flight from the airport in Gran Canaria to La Palma. The trip takes around 50 min.

How to get to La Palma from La Gomera

You can travel by ferry from the port of San Sebastián of La Gomera to the island of La Palma. There are direct and indirect crossings with a stopover in Tenerife. Direct ferries take 2 hours and 15 minutes to connect the two islands and tickets start at €33.29. The route is operated by Naviera Armas and Fred. Olsen Express and there are usually daily trips.

Note: There are indirect flights from La Gomera to La Palma.

View from the La Palma observatory

Hop on cloud nine at the La Palma observatory

Traveling to La Palma from mainland Spain

If you want to bring along your vehicle, you can catch a ferry to Tenerife from the ports of Cadiz or Huelva in Andalusia. As the duration of the ferry trip can last over 2 days, we recommend that you book a cabin for a much more comfortable trip. Afterwards, you can book another ferry that will take you directly to La Palma.

Tip: you can also catch direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona. If you want to fly to La Palma from abroad, there are some direct flights to the island from the UK, Germany and other countries.

Book ferry tickets to La Palma

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Tip: on our Map of ferries, you can find all ferry connections between La Palma and other ports in Spain. Don’t forget to check our island hopping guide for the Canaries and draw inspiration for your next trip!