How to get to Favignana

The complete guide on how to get to Favignana

Favignana is the biggest island in the Aegadian Islands (Egadi Islands) and one of the most popular summer destinations in the Mediterranean. Located near the west coast of Sicily in Italy, it’s mainly known for its incredible crystal clear waters, attractive beaches and authentic food.

Getting to Favignana is easy as there are multiple ferry connections from Sicily and other Aegadian Islands. Find all the info you need on how to get to Favignana and book ferry tickets with no hidden fees!

Turquoise waters in Azzura beach, Favignana, Italy

Amazing, crystal clear waters in Azzura beach of Favignana

Ferry or flight to Favignana?

The only way to reach Favignana is by ferry, since the island doesn’t have an airport. Don’t worry though, taking the ferry to Favignana can be pretty fun! Traveling by ferry is, after all, the best way to get in the mood for a Mediterranean vacation.

In addition, ferry travel is more comfortable and is a great way to bring along your vehicle. Plus, ferry traveling is more eco-friendly! Learn more about sustainable ferry travel on Ferryhopper.

Tip: as soon as you decide on how to reach Favignana, organizing your stay should be your next step. For your holidays in Favignana, we recommend that you stay on the island for at least 3-4 days, or at the very least visit it for a day trip.

How to get to Favignana from Sicily

Traveling to Favignana from Sicily by ferry is quite easy. Favignana is directly connected to the Sicilian ports of Trapani and Marsala.

Ferry from Trapani to Favignana

You can travel from Trapani to Favignana by ferry all year round. In the high season, crossings are available up to 25 times a day. The ferry companies that usually serve this connection are Liberty Lines, Siremar and Torre Lines, with both conventional and high-speed vessels.

The ferry trip to Favignana from Trapani takes 30 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes, depending on the type of vessel and ferry ticket prices start at €10.

Ferry from Marsala to Favignana

Normally, there are up to 5 daily ferry crossings from the port of Marsala to Favignana. The ferry company that operates this route is Liberty Lines. Traveling from Marsala to Favignana by ferry takes about 30 minutes. The ferry ticket price is around €13.

The Tonnara (old tuna factory) of Favignana, Italy

The impressive former Florio delle Tonnare plant of Favignana

Getting to Favignana from other Aegadian islands

The only way to reach Favignana from the other Aegadian Islands is by boat. The other 2 Aegadian islands are Marettimo and Levanzo. 

During the peak season, there are around 10 daily crossings from Marettimo to Favignana, operated by Liberty Lines and Siremar. The ferry to Favignana takes from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and the average Marettimo to Favignana ferry ticket price is approximately €9-12.

If you’re in Levanzo and want to travel to Favignana, there are multiple daily crossings. The duration of the Levanzo to Favignana ferry trip ranges from 10-20 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes, depending on the company and the type of vessel. As for ferry prices, you can find tickets starting at around €5.5

Check our Map of Ferries to find all crossings and plan an amazing island-hopping tour to Favignana!

Book ferry tickets to Favignana

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