Happy camper in Elba: plan the best caravan holiday

The complete guide for your ferry and road trip

Elba has it all: nature, relaxation, outdoor sports, and Caribbean-like beaches. What if we told you that visiting it in a camper is even more fun because it allows you to save money on accommodation while also allowing you to move around freely?

Find out how to reach the Elba Island by camper:

Plan your Elba camping vacation:

Houses and public buildings in Portoferraio, Elba

Portoferraio, the beautiful capital of Elba

How to get to Elba by caravan or camper

If you want to bring your vehicle to Elba, you have to take the ferry from Piombino, a lovely seaside town in the province of Livorno.

The Piombino - Elba ferry routes are operational year-round and during summer, it is also possible to travel to the island from the port of Bastia in Corsica.

Check out how to board the ferries to Elba, read about all of the available routes, companies and prices, and find travel tips to help you plan your trip.

How to bring your camper or caravan on board

Almost all ferries from Piombino and Bastia allow you to bring your car, motorcycle, camper, or caravan, but there are also passenger-only ferries.

To find out which ferry can accommodate your vehicle, simply choose your preferred route on Ferryhopper and look for the vehicle symbol on the right. Continue by selecting the category and dimensions of your vehicle...and you're ready to go!

When traveling by ferry with your vehicle, remember to arrive at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before departure. You have to follow the crew's instructions and drive your vehicle to the designated location. Any additional passengers must exit the vehicle prior to boarding.

The ferry crossings to Elba are short and there are no cabins on board. It is important to remember that staying inside the camper during the ferry trip is not permitted. Upon disembarkation, the cabin crew will direct all drivers to their vehicles as soon as possible.

Important: if your campervan runs on methane or LPG, you must notify the boarding crew. In some cases, this may also need to be specified at the time of booking.

Ferries to the island of Elba: routes and ferry tickets

The Piombino - Elba ferry route operates year-round, with several daily ferry crossings. The ferries arrive at the island's 3 ports (Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo), with crossing times ranging between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the port of arrival.

Ferry routes to the island of Elba are usually operated by the ferry companies Blu Navy, Toremar, Moby Lines, and Corsica Ferries.

The cost of a ferry ticket to Elba from the port of Piombino (camper included) is around €60, but this also depends on the size of your vehicle.

Some ferry companies also offer special discounts for campers, caravans, vans, and minibusses traveling to the island of Elba.

You can also bring your vehicle from Corsica to Elba by ferry. The ferry company Corsica Ferries connects Bastia and Portoferraio 2-3 times per week. The ferry trip takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and a passenger ticket plus camper costs approximately €80-90.

Boats at the port of Rio Marina, on the island of Elba

The picturesque port of Rio Marina on the island of Elba

What to do in Elba by camper

It is very important to plan your camper trip to Elba well in advance and organize your day-to-day activities in order to see as much as possible.

Here are a few places to visit on the island of Elba:

  • Portoferraio: start by taking a stroll through the island's capital and exploring its historic center, which is filled with winding alleys, shops and panoramic squares. Then visit Forte Stella, see the Villa dei Mulini (Napoleon's former residence), and descend to the lovely Spiaggia delle Viste.
  • Marciana Marina: one of the island's most picturesque fishing villages. Its distinct atmosphere can already be felt from the central square, which overlooks the church of Santa Chiara. You can park your camper on the seafront and explore the Torre degli Appiani, which dominates the marina, and the Borgo al Cotone, Marciana's oldest neighborhood.
  • La Costa del Sole: this 10-km stretch in Elba's southwest is famous for its seaside cliffs and breathtaking views. Spiaggia delle Scalette and Spiaggia del Relitto are 2 of the most well-known beaches on the island. This area is ideal not only for sea lovers but also for hikers, thanks to the numerous paths leading to the top of Monte Capanne.
  • Marina di Campo: this port town, with the island's longest beach, is ideal for families with children and water sports enthusiasts. You can park your campervan near the beach and the city center and spend the day exploring.
  • La Costa Verde: a lovely stretch of coast to the north that includes the coves of Acquaviva, Enfola and Viticcio. Relaxation is key here, as you are surrounded by lush vegetation and can swim in heavenly waters. The beach of Sorgente and the Sansone beach are 2 must-sees.

Tip: there are more hidden gems and attractions on the island that are worth a visit. For more information, check out our Elba travel guide.

The pristine landscape of Sansone beach, on Elba

The idyllic Sansone beach on the island of Elba

The best campsites and parking areas on the island of Elba

The best thing about traveling by camper on Elba is that you don't have to worry about finding a place to stay. Moreover, if you travel with your family, it is a very convenient and affordable solution.

The majority of Elba's municipalities have organized campsites and rest areas, but campers must stay in designated areas. In fact, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park has enacted a rule that prohibits parking outside these areas.

Remember that free camping is illegal and will result in fines. Camper parking areas charge a fee, ranging from €20 to €30 per night, depending on the season.

To help you plan your trip and avoid unpleasant surprises, below you can find the best campsites and parking areas in Elba, organized by municipality:

Elba's top 8 campsites

  1. Acquaviva Village Camping (Portoferraio)
  2. Camping Scaglieri Village (Portoferraio)
  3. Camping Ville degli Ulivi (Marina di Campo)
  4. Camping La Foce (Marina di Campo)
  5. Camping Tallinucci (on the beach of Lacona)
  6. Camping Calanchiole (Capoliveri)
  7. Camping village Elba Doc (Rio Marina)
  8. Camping Arrighi (Porto Azzurro)

Useful information: most campsites in Elba offer services during summer, with only a few remaining open all year. As a result, we recommend that you contact your preferred facility before departing.

Camper parking areas on the island of Elba

  • San Giovanni parking (Portoferraio)
  • La Perla camping area (Procchio)
  • Bioelba Agricampeggio (Capoliveri)
  • Colombi Stefania parking (Capoliveri)
  • Orti di Mare Agricultural camp (Capoliveri)
  • Ferrato parking area (Capoliveri)
  • Campers parking area (Marina di Campo)
  • Porto Azzurro municipal parking area (Bocchetto)
  • Marciana Marina parking area (Via Bonanno)
  • Cavo's camping area (San Bennato)

During your trip, you can also use apps like Park4Night, CaraMaps or AriApp to locate other campsites or parking areas.

Tip: as Elba is a popular destination, we recommend avoiding the peak season. You may end up spending a significant amount of time looking for free parking areas, in addition to not being able to fully appreciate the island's beauty. June and September are by far the best months to visit Elba!

Camper parked in a spot with a view

Camper parked at a panoramic viewpoint on Elba

Book ferry tickets for a camper trip to Elba

On Ferryhopper, you can book ferry tickets to the island of Elba for you and your camper. Check out our Map of Ferries to find all the available ferry routes and plan your road trip in Italy!