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Ferry from Koufonisia to Athens

Tickets & Schedules

Traveling from Koufonisia to Athens by ferry

You can find ferries departing from Koufonisia to Athens (Port of Piraeus) at Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, during the low season. During high season, there is at least one ferry every day serving the route from Koufonisia to Athens (Port of Rafina and Port of Piraeus). During high season, there is always a ferry from the company Fast Ferries performing the route from Koufonisia to Athens (Port of Rafina). The trip usually takes from 5.40-9.05 hours. At the low season basically, the departure time is always 06:55 and at the high season, the departures times could be 07:45, 16:10 or 19:55 (this last one is an overnight trip). An average ticket price ranges from € 20.00 to € 70 , but as this is usually a long trip, you should consider the option of booking Bed Cabins. You should pay attention that the ferries from SeaJets for this route don’t have cabins. During the low season all the arrivals are at the Port of Piraeus, but during the summer, the arrivals of the ferries are usually at the Port of Rafina at Athens.

Ferry schedules from Koufonisia to Athens*

At which port am I arriving in Athens?

For this trip from Koufonisia to Athens, during winter, there are no ferries arriving at the Port of Rafina in Athens, only at the Port of Piraeus. During summer period you can find ferries from Fast Ferries arriving at the Port of Rafina for this journey and also ferries from other companies arriving at the Port of Piraeus.

What is the distance between Koufonisia and Athens and how long lasts the ferry trip? 

Athens is about 208 km from Koufonisia and usually the ferry trip lasts from 5.40 to 9.00hours

Why should I take a Bed Cabin at a ferry trip?

  1. You avoid feeling nausea
  2. The journey seem shorter
  3. Spending a night at a ferry trip might be saving you money from staying at a hotel
  4. You have your own quite space and you can work or have time to organise you next travel plans

The journey from Koufonisia to Athens is long, so taking a Bed Cabin could be the most comfortable option for you. You can compare cabin prices and find available beds at

Tips for the ferry route from Koufonisia to Athens

  • In such long journeys, it is advisable to travel with a cabin. In order to do so, you should book your tickets the earliest possible, as (3-4 months before the trip).
  • Ferry rides can become a bit bumpy during summer. There is absolutely nothing to be worry about, rather than getting a bit seasick. If you do not feel well, you can always ask the ferry crew for some aspirins.
  • Keep in mind that the port of Koufonisia is located in Ano Koufonisi and if you want to visit the inhabited Kato Koufonisi you can do so by daily ferry routes.
  • More information about Koufonisia you can find at our destination post.
  • Island hopping around Koufonisia is the best idea! Check our Ferry Map to get ideas on nearby islands

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