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The autonomous spanish port of Melilla in the northeast Moroccan coast has regular ferry connections with Andalusia and the port of Malaga. On Ferryhopper you will find all the available ferry routes from Melilla, ferry trip duration and ticket prices, frequency of ferry connections as well as tips for your ferry ride in order to plan your Mediterranean crossing in the most convenient way for you.

How frequent is the ferry connection from Melilla to Málaga?  

The frequency of the ferry connection between Melilla and the port of Malaga is at least 12 crossings per week. There are usually 2 ferry companies that run the Melilla- Malaga ferry route: Balearia and Trasmediaterranea. 

How long is the ferry trip from Melilla to Malaga? 

The ferry trip duration from Melilla to Malaga can be from 5 hours 45min to 6 hours and 15min depending on the itinerary that you choose. 

Ferry ticket price Melilla - Malaga

The ferry ticket price for the Melilla-Malaga ferry connection starts from around 40 euros. Prices in ferry tickets are however subject to change every year so we recommend that you check Ferryhopper for all updated information about your ferry trip. 

Distance between Melilla and Malaga

Melilla is located on the northeast coast of Morocco, very close to the Moroccan city and port of Nador. The distance from Melilla to the port of Malaga in Andalusia is around 230 km (124 nautical miles).

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Tips for your ferry trip from Melilla

  1. If you are planning to transfer your own vehicle from Melilla to Malaga, we recommend that you get to the port of Melilla at least 90 minutes before your ferry departure. If you are traveling without a vehicle, 60 minutes in advance are enough.
  2. From the port of Melilla, on the north coast of Africa, you can also travel by ferry to the ports of Almeria and Motril in Andalusia. On the Ferryhopper pages, you can find more information about the Melilla-Almeria and the Melilla - Motril ferry routes in order to book the ferry itinerary the best suits your plans. 
  3. Andalusia is one of the most beautiful Spanish regions and we highly recommend that, if you can, you should spend some time exploring its unique culture, history and of course..food! Maybe also travel to some other cities in Andalusia and experience their vibrant lifestyle: Granada, Cordoba or Sevilla.
  4. If you need help at any point during the ferry booking process please contact the Ferryhopper team - we are happy to help you anytime! 

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