Beach and rocks in Kythira, turquoise waters and sand, ferry trips and tickets


Ionian Sea, Greece

Kythira is an island of unique beauty located opposite the southern tip of the Peloponnese. Apart from the natural landscapes, the island has a great archaeological and historical background and is even considered the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. At Ferryhopper you will find all the information about the ferry routes to Kythera, the best ferry ticket prices on the market and also ways to spend a wonderful holiday! 

How do I get to Kythira?

The island of Kythira is well connected with the port of Piraeus in Athens and with the ports of Neapoli and Gythio in the Peloponnese. At the same time, Kythira is connected to Crete as there are ferries traveling to the port of Kissamos, near Chania.

Ferry from mainland Greece to Kythira

As mentioned, You can travel by ferry to Kythira from Athens and the South Peloponnese. More specifically:

  • Piraeus - Kythira: There are 2-3 ferry routes each week that connect Athens with Kythera. The ferry ride takes about 6.5 hrs.
  • Neapoli - Kythira: Ferries from Neapoli of the Peloponnese often depart during the week. The journey lasts for about 1.5 hrs
  • Gythio - Kythira: There are weekly routes for the ferry connection of Kythira to Gythio and the boat journey takes about 2.5 hours.

Ferry from Kythira to Antikythera and Crete

The ferries departing from mainland Greece continue to Antikythera and Kissamos, Crete.

Kythira - Antikythera: You will find 3-4 ferry routes to Antikythera, within the week. The journey between the two islands is about 2.5 hrs.
Kythira - Kissamos: The ferry connection between Kythira and Kissamos, near Chania, lasts about 4 hours and runs every week.

You can see all available Kythira ferry connections on the Ferryhopper map of ferries and organize your holiday easily and in a few steps!

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What to do in Kythira?

The island of Kythira is truly impressive. It is located at the meeting point of the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan Seas and the interior of the island has elements that you cannot find all together in another single place. 

Beaches in Kythira

In Kythira you will find all sorts of beaches. Beaches with pebbles or sand and turquoise waters, located in organized tourist spots or isolated beautiful landscapes. The Ferryhopper team recommends diving into the waters of:

  • Kaladi
  • Melidoni
  • Chalkos
  • Diakofti
  • Kalami
  • Avlemonas
  • Kapsali
  • Lagada
  • Fournoi
  • Limnionas

Sightseeing in Kythira

Kythira is full of natural, cultural and archaeological sites that will definitely enrich your experience on the island. Following the paths through the lush vegetation, you will find magical caves, gorges and waterfalls that will fascinate you! At the same time, there are archaeological sites, Byzantine and Venetian monuments that are worth a visit. Some of the most impressive sights in Kythira are:

  • The Cave of Agia Sofia
  • The Caves in Chytra
  • The Venetian Castle
  • The Water Mills in Mylopotamos
  • The Tsakona Canyon
  • The Neraida waterfall
  • The Lighthouse of Moudari
  • The Archaeological Museum of Kythera
  • The Elgin Shipwreck
  • The Castle of Paleochora

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Useful information about Kythira

Kythira is a relatively large island and you can easily explore it by car or motorbike. There are dozens of settlements and villages that you can visit and its Chora is located next to Kapsali. There you can find all the necessary services for your vacation, such as ATMs, supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations. At the same time, the island has an airport in its northeast, next to the main port of Diakofti. Some useful telephone numbers for Kythira are:

  • Port Authority: 27360 34222
  • Police: 27360 31206
  • Medical Center: 27360 33325
  • Citizens' Support Center: 27360 39057

Where to book Kythira ferry tickets?

The Ferryhopper search engine allows you to compare prices and book ferry tickets online in just a few clicks! You can easily and quickly find any information about ferry routes along with their schedule. The paradise island of Kythera is waiting for you for the most magical holiday!

Kythira has direct ferry connections with 5 ports:

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