Seajets ferries from Thessaloniki to the Sporades - 2024

Ready to set sail for the Sporades?

Ferries from Thessaloniki to Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos are once again available! The ferry company of Seajets operates seasonal ferry connections between Thessaloniki and the Sporades island group with highspeed ferries Champion Jet and Superunner Jet

So, are you ready to explore the Sporades by ferry from Northern Greece in 2024? Let’s get started!

Aerial view of boats at the port of Skiathos in Greece

The quaint port of Skiathos surrounded by green hills

Thessaloniki - Sporades ferries by Seajets in 2024

Normally, from early June to mid-September, the Greek ferry company Seajets serves ferry routes from the port of Thessaloniki to Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos in the Sporades.

There are usually up to 3-4 weekly crossings by Seajets depending on the season. The ferry connections between Thessaloniki and Sporades are served by highspeed ferries that reach Skiathos in 3 hours, Skopelos in 3.5 hours, and Alonissos in 4 hours

The ferry routes from Thessaloniki to Sporades are normally operated either by Superrunner Jet or Champion Jet, depending on the period. Both Seajets ferries are high-speed and they have car decks for vehicle transportation.

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Important note: have mind that the ferry schedules between Thessaloniki and the Sporades for 2024 will be live on our search engine as soon as the ferry company of Seajets releases them.

Seajets' highspeed ferry Superrunner Jet traveling in the Greek sea

Seajet’s fast ferry Superrunner Jet en route to the Sporades

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