7 secret and quiet beaches in Sicily

Hidden treasures off the beaten track that (almost) nobody knows

How many of us dream of arriving at a beautiful beach on a summery day and finding it completely empty, all for us to enjoy? Well, in Sicily our dreams come true!

The Italian island, the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea, boasts more than 1,000 km of coastline with rocky coves, sandy shores and secluded, unspoiled bays. A true paradise for sea lovers who seek relaxation far from the crowds.

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A beach umbrella near the shore of an empty beach

The sea, the sand, the sun... and no one in sight!

1) Le Solette Beach

More than 1 km long and almost deserted, Le Solette beach is a paradisiacal oasis in the area of Menfi, 1 hour from Marsala. A few years ago, the Daily Telegraph listed it as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, and we absolutely agree!

The golden sand, crystal-clear waters and the wild atmosphere make Le Solette a special place not to be missed. The beach is perfect for relaxing and unplugging, and also offers a wonderful panoramic view of the island of Pantelleria.

You can drive to Le Solette only up to a certain point, but the rest of the journey must be completed on foot, following a hiking trail. We promise that the scenery is worth the effort!

Tip: Wear closed shoes and bring your own umbrella and supplies such as snacks, sunscreen and water, as there are no services on the beach.

Aerial view of the isolated beach of Le Solette, Italy

The Solette, a paradise beach in southwestern Sicily

2) Baia delle Sirene (Mermaid Bay)

Located in the beautiful town of Palma di Montechiaro (about half an hour from Porto Empedocle), Mermaid Bay is a place surrounded by charm and legends.

The castle of Chiaramontano protects it from the top of its promontory, and the view of this small beach from here is truly fascinating. The path to reach it starts right from the sides of the castle, but keep in mind that it is mostly steep and arduous.

An easier way to get to the bay is by boat so that you’ll be able to enjoy this fable-like location safely.

The Italian castle of Chiaramontano in Sicily overlooking the Mermaid bay (Baia delle Sirene)

The beautiful castle of Chiaramontano and the dreamy Mermaid Bay

3) San Saba Beach

Officially recognized in 2022 as a naturist beach, San Saba is one of those quiet, intimate places for those seeking privacy at the beach. The beach is only a 30-minute drive from Messina and is one of the most beautiful in the area.

Featuring sand dunes, clear waters and a relaxed atmosphere, it also offers an explosion of colors at sunset. This is a beach that wants its visitors to feel free to enjoy the sea and the sun, without restrictions.

It is well-secluded and can be reached by a short walk along an unpaved road.

Tip: The ferry from Villa San Giovanni to Messina and from Reggio Calabria to Messina are the fastest ways to get to Sicily from the Italian peninsula and run straight to the beach!

Waves crashing on rocks at sunset on San Saba beach, Italy

A wonderful sunset as seen from the beach of San Saba, near Messina

4) Punta Marinello Beach

In the area of Tindari, 30 km from Milazzo, there is a protected nature reserve that combines history, charming lakes and unspoiled nature. Standing out among the wonders of the coast is Punta Marinello, a strip of land that extends into the sea, creating a crescent-shaped formation with a striking allure.

This coastal lagoon has shallow, crystal-clear waters that make it ideal for families with children. In addition to the areas equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, you will find several isolated areas for more peaceful swimming.

From this beach, you will also have an amazing panoramic view of the Aeolian Islands.

You can reach Punta Marinello from the village of Oliveri on foot or by boat (6€ round trip).

The long strip of sand and the lake of Punta Marinello, in Tindari, Italy

The extraordinary landscape of Punta Marinello

5) Agliareddi Beach

Along the western coast of Sicily and close to Trapani lies a little gem enclosed in the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve.

We are talking about the small beach of Agliareddi, a pebble cove perfect for some privacy. In fact, given its size, it can only accommodate up to 15 people maximum. Beloved by snorkeling enthusiasts, it has fabulous seabeds and lush marine fauna.

You can reach the beach by car (there’s a free parking lot nearby), but you will then have to climb down some rocks to access it. Don't forget to wear suitable shoes!

The rocky shoreline of Agliareddi Beach and Mount Cofano peeping out, Italy

Agliareddi beach and its rocky shoreline

6) Punta Braccetto Beach

Long, wild and surrounded by a dense pine forest, Punta Braccetto is considered one of the most beautiful ones in the area around Ragusa. This wonderful coast is never crowded (not even in August!) and conveys a peaceful sense of tranquility you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are planning to spend your holiday in and around Pozzallo, Punta Braccetto beach is definitely a place you should mark on your wish list! Get ready to admire its golden sand dunes, dive into its clear waters, and spend a relaxing day on its shores!

Punta Braccetto can be reached by passing through the park entrance and the pine forest, where you’ll find tables, restrooms and changing rooms. In the warmer hours, you’ll be able to have a picnic in the cool, natural shadow of the trees.

The golden beach of Punta Braccetto and its wilderness in Italy

The wild, golden Punta Braccetto Beach

7) Caletta Paternella

We close on a high note with a little-known "gem" that is surprisingly located near Palermo. Driving westward for about 40 km from the Sicilian capital, you will reach the Caletta (cove) of Paternella, a heavenly beach on the Terrasini coast.

Caletta Paternella is a secluded spot surrounded by breathtaking scenery, caves and rock formations. Its waters are always cool and inviting, especially for those who like to jump from the rocks (be careful though!). You can venture out to explore the coves, walk along the coastal trails, or simply enjoy the gorgeous view while tanning.

The path to get to this beach is a bit impervious but short, and you’ll be rewarded by an incredible postcard landscape!

The turquoise waters of the rocky coast of Terrasini, near Palermo

The rocky coast of Terrasini, home to many amazing coves!

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