Ferries to Ireland 2023: a complete guide

Off to the Emerald Isle!

How many ferries to Ireland are there? Many! If you want to travel to the Emerald Isle by sea, it’s easy to catch a ferry to Ireland from the UK and the Isle of Man, from France and from Spain.

In this page, you can find all ferries that can get you to the ports of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Discover all available routes, compare ferry prices and operators, and book your tickets to Ireland on Ferryhopper with no hidden fees.

The lighthouse of Rosslare on a rock standing on the sea

The atmospheric scenery around the Rosslare lighthouse

What are the ferry routes to Ireland?

It is possible to reach Ireland by ferry both from the UK (Wales, Scotland and England) and the Isle of Man, and from France and Spain in mainland Europe. The ports that you can reach are located in eastern Ireland:

Here you can find all ferry routes that you need to check if you want to travel to Ireland by ferry:

Ferries to Ireland from Wales

There are many daily ferries from the UK to Ireland departing from the ports of Wales. More specifically, you can get to Rosslare and Dublin from the ports of Fishguard, Holyhead and Pembroke.

The 2 ferry companies operating on routes from Wales in the UK to Ireland are Irish Ferries and Stena Line. Wales - Ireland ferry tickets normally start at a bit over €40.

Ferry from Holyhead to Dublin

One of the most popular ferry routes to Ireland is the ferry to Dublin from Holyhead, on the Isle of Anglesey. There are normally up to 10 daily crossings all year round, with an average duration of 3 hours 15 minutes. The route is served by both Stena Line and Irish Ferries vessels.

Ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare

You usually catch a ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare 2 times a day all year round. The trip duration is around 3.5 hours. The route is served by Stena Line.

Ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare

The Pembroke - Rosslare ferry route is available with up to 14 weekly crossings. The ferry ride takes about 4 hours. The crossings are served by Irish Ferries.

Ferries to Ireland from England

You can ride a ferry from England to Ireland all year round, starting from the city of Liverpool. The English port on the Irish Sea is connected to the capital of Dublin, as well as Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The 2 ferry companies serving routes from Liverpool to Ireland are P&O Ferries and Stena Line. England - Ireland ferry tickets normally start at around €38.

Ferry from Liverpool to Dublin

There are 1-2 daily ferry crossings from Liverpool to Dublin served by P&O Ferries. The ride takes about 8-9 hours and tickets start at approximately €113.

Important: this route is not available for foot passengers and you can only travel with a vehicle (car, motorcycle, caravan, etc.). If you wish to travel as a foot passenger, you can opt for the Cairnryan - Larne ferry route instead.

Ferry from Liverpool to Belfast

Liverpool - Belfast crossings are among the most popular ferries to Northern Ireland from the UK. You can find up to 2 daily crossings operated by Stena Line, while the ferry duration is about 8 hours. Ferry ticket prices from Liverpool to Belfast start at around €38.

Map of UK and Irish ports connected to each other by ferry

UK ports connected to the ports in eastern Ireland

Ferries to Ireland from Scotland

If you plan to visit Ireland from Scotland in the UK, you can take a ferry to Northern Ireland from Cairnryan, a village in the county of Wigtownshire. More specifically, from the port of Cairnryan you can reach the ports of Belfast and Larne.

P&O Ferries and Stena Line are the 2 ferry companies serving Cairnryan - Ireland ferry crossings all year round.

Ferry from Cairnryan to Belfast

You can catch a ferry to Belfast from Cairnryan up to 6 times a day. The connection is operated by Stena Line vessels. The crossing takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes, while ferry tickets start at around €30.

Ferry from Cairnryan to Larne

The Cairnryan - Larne ferry connection is usually served 3-4 times a day by P&O Ferries. The ferry ride normally takes 2 hours and a single ticket costs about €29.

Ferries to Ireland from the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man stands right between Great Britain and Ireland, in the Irish Sea. From its capital, Douglas, you can easily travel to 2 large Irish ports: Dublin and Belfast. There are year-round ferry routes operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet ferry company. Ferry tickets to both Irish destinations start at about €26.

Ferry from Douglas to Dublin

The Douglas - Dublin ferry route is normally available with 2 crossings per week. The ferry trip takes approximately 3 hours.

Ferry from Douglas to Belfast

You can normally travel to Belfast from Douglas by ferry up to 2 times a week, depending on the season. The sailing lasts around 3-5 hours, depending on the vessel that operates on the crossing.

Panoramic view to the city center of Belfast in Northern Ireland

The breathtaking cityscape of Belfast at sunset

Ferries to Ireland from France

Northern France is well connected to Ireland by sea. You can reach Dublin, Rosslare and Cork starting from 3 French ports: Cherbourg and Le Havre in Normandy, and Roscoff in Brittany.

Brittany Ferries, Stena Lines and Irish Ferries are the 3 ferry operators traveling between Ireland and France throughout the year.

Ferry from Cherbourg to Dublin

You can travel by ferry from Cherbourg to Dublin with up to 4-5 weekly crossings by Irish Ferries. The duration of the ferry ride is approximately 19 hours. Cherbourg - Dublin ferry tickets start at around €66.

Ferry from Cherbourg to Rosslare

Τhe Cherbourg - Rosslare ferry route is usually operated with up to 4 weekly crossings served by Brittany Ferries and Stena Line. The ferry trip to the Irish port lasts around 16-19 hours and tickets start at about €72.

Ferry from Le Havre to Rosslare

Brittany Ferries usually serves 1 weekly ferry crossing from Le Havre to Rosslare. The trip duration is around 20.5 hours and a single ticket costs about €75.

Ferry from Roscoff to Cork

Ferries from Roscoff to Cork normally travel twice a week. The crossings are served by Brittany Ferries and last approximately 13 hours. Tickets usually start at €89.

Ferries to Ireland from Spain

Did you know that it’s totally possible to travel from Spain to Ireland by ferry? The port of Bilbao in northern Spain is actually connected to Rosslare by Brittany Ferries vessels.

Ferry from Bilbao to Rosslare

The Bilbao - Rosslare ferry route is normally available 2 times a week, usually on Thursdays and Sundays. The sailing duration is around 28 hours and tickets start at €129.

The Shandon Tower in Cork city, Ireland

Laidback vibes in the city of Cork

Ferry companies operating routes to / from Ireland

There are 5 ferry operators traveling to Ireland from the UK, the Isle of Man, France and Spain:

  • Stena Line
  • Irish Ferries
  • P&O Ferries
  • Brittany Ferries
  • Steam Packet

FAQs for planning a ferry trip to Ireland

What about vehicles and amenities on ferries to Ireland? Can you travel by high-speed ferry to Ireland? Find answers to these and more questions below.

What's the fastest ferry to Ireland?

The fastest crossing to Northern Ireland is the ferry from Cairnryan (Scotland) to Larne (or Belfast), with the ferry ride lasting only 2 hours.

The fastest route to the Republic of Ireland is the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin, taking a bit over 3 hours, as well as the Douglas (Isle of Man) - Dublin ferry.

As for high-speed ferries to Ireland, most vessels traveling to the Emerald Isle are conventional. Stena Line and Irish Ferries offer some fast ferry crossings between the UK and Ireland that take around 3-3.5 hours.

Can I bring my car on the ferry to Ireland?

Yes, you can bring your vehicle on all ferries serving routes to Ireland, as most of them are conventional vessels with car decks.

Tip: if you are traveling with a vehicle, make sure to book your ferry tickets well in advance, as car-deck spaces usually sell out fast on popular routes.

What facilities are there on board ferries to Ireland?

Depending on the operator you book with, you can find a wide range of amenities on board ferries to Ireland. The majority of these ferries are large conventional ferries, equipped with restaurants, cafés, lounges with TV, children’s playgrounds and game rooms, and shops.

Moreover, there are cabins available on almost all ferries to Ireland. We strongly recommend booking a cabin, especially if you are traveling by ferry from England, France or Spain, as overnight ferries to Ireland are very common and have a long duration (up to 28 hours).

What is the cheapest ferry to Ireland?

The cheapest routes to Ireland are the ferries from Douglas (Isle of Man) to Dublin and Belfast, as well as the ferries departing from Cairnryan to Belfast and Larne, starting at €26-30 for foot passengers. Holyhead - Dublin ferries and ferries to Rosslare from Fishguard and Pembroke are also pretty cheap, starting from around €40.

There are also ferry deals to Ireland offered by some ferry companies. For example, Irish Ferries οffers cheaper return tickets for short trips (up to 5 days) to Ireland on the Holyhead - Dublin and Pembroke - Rosslare ferry routes, until 30 June 2023. Moreover, Stena Line offers special discounts (up to 50%) for trips with a camper (caravan, trailer, etc.) on Irish Sea ferry crossings.

Bear in mind that any current offers on ferries to Ireland are automatically applied when booking your tickets on Ferryhopper.

Sunset over a Liffey river bridge in Dublin, Ireland

Golden hour over river Liffey in the center of Dublin

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