4+1 reasons to visit Amorgos in June

For a big vacation in the Big Blue island!

For your vacation this summer, you are looking for a destination that can offer lots of adventure and beauty: natural landscapes, hiking, camping spots, diving, daily trips, views from up high, and intense flavors. Amorgos is the island you are looking for!

Why let the summer go by? There’s no better season to visit this heaven on earth than in June. We have come up with 4+1 reasons that will definitely convince you:

  1. Lower prices
  2. Perfect camping spot
  3. Hiking and diving
  4. Early panigiria
  5. Relaxed island hopping

Deep-blue sea landscape of an Amorgos beach

The Amorgos big-blue sea landscape

1. Lower prices

As a more alternative destination, Amorgos is definitely more affordable than cosmopolitan islands of the Cyclades, such as Mykonos or Santorini. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to spend as little as possible on your vacation.

If you visit Amorgos early in the summer, it is very likely that you will find lower prices compared to the high season (July and August). More specifically, in June you can reduce up to 20% your vacation budget for:

  • Ferry tickets
  • Accommodations
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Transportation expenses, e.g. rental car services

This way, you will be able to dive into the beautiful waters of Agia Anna and Aegiali, have seafood with raki in Tholaria and drinks with a view at Tzitziki bar, and dance at the historic Disco The Que, even if you are traveling on a budget.

Tip: to save even more money on your trip to Amorgos, check some cheap Greek ferry deals for 2022.

The beach and chapel of Agia Anna in Amorgos

The famous beach and chapel of Agia Anna

2. Perfect camping spot

Thinking of your holiday in Amorgos and dreaming not only of the island’s big blue, but also of a big camping spot for your tent? That’s why June is the ideal month for you, a dedicated camper, who is not a fan of hotels, apartments or any “luxuries” of that kind.

With significantly less travelers on the island, there is no doubt that, whichever out of the island’s 3 camping sites you choose (the municipal, in Aegiali or in Kastani), you will find a perfect shady spot to set up your tent. Moreover, in June, you will probably find a parking spot for your car more easily and you will enjoy better hygiene conditions at the camping site.

Chairs and tables by the Aegiali beach in Amorgos

Colorful chairs and tables by the Aegiali beach

3. Hiking and diving

With more than 15 hiking trails of different difficulty level and duration, Amorgos is a must-visit destination for hiking lovers. If you are one of them, June is the perfect month for hiking on the island, while the heatwaves of July and August have not yet arrived. Apart from the beautiful views and natural landscapes that you will enjoy during your hikes, at the end of the trails you will find gorgeous beaches where you can take a refreshing swim.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of diving and wish to explore Amorgos’ underwater landscapes, June is again the best season for you. While the beaches are still less crowded, you can try diving and snorkeling comfortably, and even take diving lessons, if you want to discover rare fish, underwater caves, colorful reefs and sponges, and even an ancient shipwreck!

Tip 1: for your hiking adventures in Amorgos, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, lots of water, a hat, and the right shoes.
Tip 2: the beach of Agios Pavlos is famous for its underwater beauties and is popular among divers.

Stone trail to Aegiali in Amorgos

Stone trail to Aegiali with rich vegetation

4. Early panigiria

The island of Amorgos is famous for its summer festivals, panigiria, organized every year on holidays that are important to its residents. The panigiria of Chora and other villages are beautiful celebrations that include rakitraditional music and dancing until the morning!

The most well-known panigiria of Amorgos are held in August. However, the island’s festivals have already begun since June, such as the celebration of St Giannis Klidonas on the 23th of June in Chora. So let the dance begin!

A glass of Amorgos’ “rakomelo” and a glass of water

Amorgos’ tasty “rakomelo” drink: “raki” mixed with honey

+1 Relaxed island hopping

Cheaper ferry tickets, less crowded ports and ferries, and no strong winds (the Aegean’s meltemia that appear in July and August) to make you sick on the ferry… What else do you want? June is calling for trips by ferry from Amorgos to neighboring islands, such as Iraklia, Schinoussa and Ios.

The Olympia shipwreck in Amorgos

Don’t let your plans to visit Amorgos in June sink!

By now, we hope you are already checking your schedule to plan a trip to Amorgos in June. You still have some time! Leave everything behind, pack your tent and set sail to the beautiful island with ferry tickets online on Ferryhopper, with no extra fees!

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