Day trip from Trapani to Levanzo: what to do

The ultimate peaceful escape!

The small island of Levanzo is part of the Aegadian Islands and is situated a short distance from Trapani in the southwest of Sicily. With its white and turquoise terraced houses and crystal clear waters, Levanzo is the ideal place for a relaxing vacation

So, if you are on holiday in Sicily, take a day trip to the peaceful Levanzo! See how to catch a ferry from Trapani to Levanzo and discover what to do there in 1 day on Ferryhopper.

Fishing boats at the port of Levanzo in Italy

Crystal-clear waters at the port of Levanzo

1 day in Levanzo: what to do

There are up to 15 daily ferries departing from the port of Trapani to Levanzo, but only in the peak season. The earliest ferry usually departs from Trapani at 06:50 and arrives in Levanzo at 07:15. 

The Trapani - Levanzo ferry route lasts from 25 to 50 minutes and the ticket cost ranges between €13 and €17. If you want to spend a full day in Levanzo and make the most of your day trip, we recommend that you catch the morning ferry.

Stroll through the picturesque village of Levanzo

The tiny port and village of Levanzo is the best starting point for your adventure to the island. Cala Dogana is just a few steps away from the dock. Pale little square houses and winding lanes give the impression that time has stopped here. The tranquility and the scent of the sea permeate everything.

Tip: before reaching the island, use the ATM in Trapani since there are no banks in Levanzo. You'll need cash for excursions, coffee and snacks; only a few restaurants accept credit or debit cards.

Go beach hopping in Levanzo

One of the island's most stunning beaches, Spiaggia del Faraglione, can be reached from the village of Levanzo through a short paved road. You can spend a day at the beach until late afternoon and enjoy the crimson sunset with breathtaking views of the Favignana and Marettimo islands. 

Alternatively, you can also visit Fredda and Minnola beach. Fredda beach is perfect for children thanks to its shallow waters, while Minnola beach is a 20-minute walk from the port and is surrounded by a dense pine forest.

Ferry docked at the bay of Cala Minnola in Levanzo, Italy

The beautiful bay of Cala Minnola in Levanzo

Discover Levanzo’s famous shipwreck

If you can’t get out of the water, you might as well go scuba diving or snorkeling around the coast. 

At a depth of 30 m, between Cala Minnola and Punta Altarella, there is a shipwreck of an ancient Roman vessel: the seafloor has preserved the ship's remains, including about 50 amphorae and other ceramic pottery. The wreck is also home to a large variety of marine life, such as large groupers.

Explore the Genovese cave

The Grotta del Genovese is unquestionably the main attraction in Levanzo. Discovered in 1949, this is a cave containing Paleolithic and Neolithic art. The paintings in the caves, which are located close to the island's north-western coast, include depictions of red deer, donkeys, bulls, humans, as well as various extinct animals.

There are 3 ways to get to the caves: via boat, jeep, or a one-hour hike from the village. However, only those who have made a reservation in advance and with a guide are allowed inside. 

If you’re interested in discovering how life flowed on the island 12,000-13,000 years ago, this is a must-visit archaeological site!

Hike to Capo Grosso Lighthouse

Capo Grosso Lighthouse (Faro di Capo Grosso) is an active lighthouse located at the northernmost point of the island. The lighthouse was built in 1853 and is 12 m high. The keeper's house, located at the base of the lighthouse, has been transformed into a 6-room resort for visitors. 

The hike to Capo Grosso, which takes around 1 hour, is scenic with fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Hikers should bring their camera, a water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, and a hat.

Huge rocks surrounding the Capo Grosso Lighthouse in Levanzo, Italy

The active lighthouse of Capo Grosso in Levanzo

So, what are you waiting for? Jump from Trapani to Levanzo in only 20 minutes and book ferry tickets on Ferryhopper with no hidden fees!

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