Seaside destinations for family vacation in Italy

Family vacation by the sea in Italy

From the north to the south, there are lots of family-friendly beach resorts in Italy with all the amenities to make your trip a memorable one. Italy has a 1,700 km coastline and numerous islands with some of Europe's most beautiful beaches, so if you want to spend a family vacation by the sea, you have plenty of options!

Check out our list of the top family-friendly vacation spots in Italy and start planning your trip with Ferryhopper.

Two family members on an Italian sandy beach

Making memories on a beautiful Italian beach

6 seaside destinations for families with children

Finding the ideal vacation destination can be quite challenging when planning a trip, especially if you are traveling with children.

Most families look for places with crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches where children can play safely. However, how you get to your ideal destination is also very important when traveling with your family.

Traveling to Italian destinations by ferry is a very common mode of transport for families visiting Italy. One of the many benefits of taking a ferry is that kids love it - it's comfortable, you can travel with more luggage and you can even bring your car.

Below you can find 6 Italian seaside destinations for family vacations:

1. Elba, Tuscan Archipelago

The largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago is a fantastic option for those who want to avoid long ferry rides and be in a dreamy Italian destination with lush natural surroundings and stunning beaches. 

Starting from Piombino in Tuscany, you can choose to travel to one of the 3 ports on the island (Portoferraio, Rio Marina, or Cavo) and begin exploring the paradisiacal island of Elba.

Relax in Marina di Campo while your children have fun at the famous Fetovaia, a very attractive and well-organized sandy beach. Moreover, you can take your family to the Small Mine in Porto Azzurro or the Elba Aquarium.

Useful information: apart from all-inclusive hotels, Elba has a number of campsites close to the sea. A great low-cost option if you want to get in touch with nature!

2. Pozzallo, Sicily

If you're looking to unwind and enjoy the sun and sea, Pozzallo and its surroundings might be the best option for you and your family.

Its idyllic beaches and sea temperatures make this lovely town in eastern Sicily a popular tourist destination. The shallow waters along the fine-sanded, easily accessible beaches are ideal for children. 

The city promenade is also lined with ice cream shops, clubs and playgrounds for kids. While strolling around, don't forget to try a nice cannolo (small deep-fried pastry tubes with a creamy filling) or almond granita.

The promenade of Pozzallo in Sicily, Italy

The beautiful seafront of Pozzallo in Sicily

3. The Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto, Puglia

If you visit southern Italy, you should spend a few days near the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve. This marine protected area, located 25 km from Brindisi, is stunning.

Within the reserve, guided bike and walking tours are offered, while an electric train can take you to a number of beaches. 

Aside from the pristine beaches, there are numerous activities that will allow you to discover the secrets of the natural world while also keeping your children entertained. At the Visitors Center, adults and children can enjoy interactive paths, aquariums and botanical gardens.

4. Terracina, Lazio

A seaside town about 1.5 hours from Rome might be the ideal location for a weekend getaway with the family far from the bustle of the city. 

Along with its stunning coastline, Terracina is home to many significant historical and archaeological sites. You can take a stroll through the charming old town or visit the legendary Temple of Jupiter on Monte Sant'Angelo.

Terracina's beaches are also clean, well-equipped and family-friendly. Children can safely play in shallow waters, while many sports competitions and events are held here during the summer.

Levante beach in Terracina during sunset, Lazio, Italy

The scenic Levante beach and the temple of Jupiter overlooking the city of Terracina

5. Cesenatico and the Riviera Romagnola

Many families who want to have a well-organized and fun-filled holiday choose Romagna every year. 

Cesenatico is one of the most popular areas thanks to its safe beaches. From the canal port of Cesenatico to Piazza Costa, there are about 15 free beaches and some of them have bathing facilities. 

The Atlantica Park, a big water park for the whole family, is also located in Cesenatico and offers visitors a fun and exciting experience. 

6. Costa Rei, Sardinia

Sardinia never ceases to enchant and is rated as one of the best family-friendly travel destinations. Many families consider it a must-see destination because of its wild nature, Caribbean-style beaches and available services.

Don’t leave without visiting the stunning Costa Rei in Sardinia's southeast. This 10 km beach includes beautiful coves, white sand beaches and many amenities.

Go to Santa Giusta to see an even more unique landscape and swim near the legendary natural monument of the Scoglio di Peppino!

To reach Costa Rei and its extraordinary territory, take the ferry to Cagliari and then drive for about 1 hour.

The white beach of Santa Giusta in Sardinia, Italy

The pristine beach of Santa Giusta, in Sardinia

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