8 movies and TV series to fall in love with Naples

Go from screen to reality!

Have you ever got the urge to visit a place after seeing it in a movie or TV series? Thanks to hit films, many Italian cities have become even more famous, and one of them is Naples.

With its colorful streets, stunning islands and 1,000 faces, Naples makes us dream from the sofa. So, how about turning that dream into reality by booking a ticket to Italy? Plan an adventurous ferry trip to Naples online on Ferryhopper and go location-hunting to find the filming spots of your favorite movies!

 Piazza del Plebiscito square in Naples, Italy

The iconic Piazza del Plebiscito Square in Naples

The most famous films and TV series sets in Naples and its surroundings

Naples is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, and the directors who have used it as a set for their films know it well. Its waterfront, the historic center and the Vomero district have certainly been among the favorite locations for more than 100 years.

You'll likely plan your next trip ahead of schedule, so here are 8 movies and TV series we recommend you watch 😏:

1) The Hand of God

After the success of The Great Beauty, Italian director Paolo Sorrentino strikes again, but this time with his autobiography. The Hand of God narrates his life in the tumultuous city of Naples during the ’80s.

Here, the iconic landmarks of the city are shown right away, starting from Piazza del Plebiscito square (cars were allowed back then), passing through the streets of Galleria Umberto I and Via Toledo. Then, there is Vomero, the wealthy area of Naples where Fabio Schisa (the protagonist) and his family live.

Prepare to be captivated by stunning visuals – the panoramic views of the Naples Gulf, the Caracciolo seafront seen from the water and the coast of Posillipo – all accompanied by a mesmerizing soundtrack.

Useful info: some memorable scenes of The Hand of God were also filmed in Torre del Greco (in the eighteenth-century Villa del Cardinale) in Capri and in Vico Equense, near Sorrento.

2) My Brilliant Friend

Inspired by Elena Ferrante's books, this TV series has kept millions of viewers glued to the screen for a long time. My Brilliant Friend is the story of a beautiful friendship between Lili and Linù that flourished during the ’50s in the Luttazzi district (a suburb east of Naples).

The TV series offers an unflinching portrayal of Neapolitan life, capturing the raw emotions of everyday struggles and the unwavering hope for a brighter future. My Brilliant Friend serves as a visual love letter to Naples, spanning 3 seasons. It begins with the most degraded areas, then passes through Piazza Garibaldi, Port'Alba, Piazza dei Martiri, Via Caracciolo, Corso Umberto I, and even the idyllic island of Ischia.

If you are interested in visiting the locations of My Brilliant Friend we suggest you start from the Luttazzi district, admire its church, the Municipal Library, and the various street-art works created as a tribute to the two protagonists.

In the meantime, we look forward to the last season (expected in summer 2024) to see which other part of Naples will make our hearts beat faster.

The glass ceiling of the Galleria Umberto I in Naples, Italy

The famous Galleria Umberto I in Naples, a set of many Italian films

3) The Lying Life Of Adults

Once again, one of Elena Ferrante's cult novels was transformed into a successful TV series. 

The Lying Life of Adults, directed by Edoardo De Angelis, unveils the two faces of Naples: the opulent world of the Vomero district, a haven for the city's wealthy elite, juxtaposed against the harsh realities of Poggioreale, a disadvantaged neighborhood. The beauty of the scenes lies in these contrasts, as we're transported from the breathtaking panoramic views of Posillipo to the gritty streets of neglected areas.  

The protagonist Giovanna is forced to exist between the bourgeois reality of her parents and her aunt, who lives in the suburbs. Secrets revealed, crude words and hypocrisy are only a few of the challenges Giovanna will have to face.

So, take notes! Some of the most iconic locations of The Lying Life Of Adults are the impressive rocks of Marechiaro, the 13 ramps of S. Antonio,  the hill of Pizzofalcone,  the areas of Gianturco, Poggioreale, and the modern skyscrapers that overlook Naples central station.

4) The Sea Beyond

The Sea Beyond (“Mare fuori” in Italian) is one of the most  viral Italian series set in Naples. The events of the boys detained in the city's juvenile prison are intertwined with their personal stories and a thousand twists and turns.

The filming locations range from the historic center of Naples (where most of the protagonists grew up) to the more chic areas and surroundings.

By organizing a 2-3 day trip to Naples, you could easily visit all the TV series locations and finally see them live. Arriving at the port of Naples Beverello, you will be close to the “headquarters” of the prison, which is located in the building of the Marina Militare, at San Vincenzo pier.

Have a nice walk towards the Galleria Umberto I and enter the Toledo metro station (considered the most beautiful in Europe and also the place where Filippo and Naditza first met). Finally, spend a few hours discovering the alleys of the historic center and immerse yourself in authentic Neapolitan folklore!

If you still have time, you should also visit some beautiful areas outside the city like the island of Gaiola, Bacoli, the Piscina Mirabilis, and the Marina of Ischitella in Castel Volturno village.

The port of Naples Beverello, Italy, and the San Vincenzo pier

San Vincenzo pier in Naples, the symbolic location of The Sea Beyond

5) Gomorrah

Naples began to stand out on the screen 15 years ago thanks to Gomorrah, a movie inspired by Roberto Saviano’s homonymous novel. And that's not all! His great success also brought out a 5-season TV series.

If you haven't watched it yet, you should! And not only for the undeniably captivating acting. Gomorrah is in fact a detailed documentary offering a glimpse into the realities of Naples' outskirts and the grip of organized crime.

Thanks to Saviano’s stories, many degraded neighborhoods of the city were reevaluated. In addition to the famous Vele di Scampia (the symbolic place of Gomorrah), many scenes were also filmed in the areas of San Giovanni a Teduccio and Forcella, in the heart of the historic center of Naples.

Useful info: for some years, various associations have been organizing the “Gomorrah Tour” to show fans the places where the TV series was filmed. If you want to enjoy this experience too, we recommend you contact only official tour guides!

6) Naples in Veils

This cinematic masterpiece by Ferzan Ozpetek dives into the world of passions and crime in a Naples full of mystery and superstition.

Adriana, the protagonist in the movie Naples in Veils is a coroner whose adventure begins after a night of passion with Andrea. No spoilers... but in the meantime, you can mark the most iconic places of the film: the Chiaia district (with its Art Nouveau buildings), the village of Marechiaro (where Andrea lives), and, of course, the historic center of Naples.

Among the most beautiful locations of Naples in Veils there are also: the Palazzo Mannajuolo (with its elliptical staircase that opens the film), the National Archaeological Museum, the Galleria Principe di Napoli, the Pharmacy of the Incurables, the Cloister of the Certosa di San Martino, and the San Severo Chapel (where you can admire the famous statue of the Veiled Christ). 

The colorful buildings of Chiaia Alta in Naples, Italy

The upper part of the elegant Chiaia district in Naples

7) The bastards of Pizzofalcone

If you're into crime TV series, then you should definitely watch this one! With 4 seasons, The bastards of Pizzofalcone is a new series of crime fiction set in contemporary Naples based on the novels of Maurizio De Giovanni.

Although the Pizzofalcone police station seems to be in disarray, Inspector Lojacono will immediately be appreciated for his skill in solving complex cases. 

The filming of The bastards of Pizzofalcone displays the whole city of Naples, starting from the San Ferdinando district (the location of the police station), passing through Vomero, the alleys of Pallonnetto, the Spanish Quarters to the narrow streets of San Gregorio Armeno and San Biagio dei Librai.

Who can say no to a full picture of the beautiful Naples with a pinch of mystery, secrets, betrayals, and twists until the last minute?

8) Eat Pray Love

Naples combines art, history and breathtaking views, but its cuisine is a real asset! Even Julia Roberts couldn't resist the allure of Neapolitan pizza, as seen in the 2010 movie Eat, Pray, Love.

The actress plays Liz, a newly divorced who decides to leave everything behind and find herself anew by taking an around-the-world journey. One of the film's locations is Naples, which Liz loves deeply, especially for its slow rhythms and local food.

Look for a table at the Antica Pizzeria da Michele (one of the oldest in Naples) and enjoy a moment of pure pleasure with your Margherita!

Preparation of pizza in a restaurant in Naples, Italy

Fresh ingredients and lots of love: this is the secret of Neapolitan pizza!

The Gulf of Naples and its wonders await you all year round! On Ferryhopper, you can book your ferry tickets to Naples and visit the locations of your favorite movies.

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