The ultimate guide to the Sóller train in Mallorca

Get in Sóller soon with the rails and wheels in tune!

Choo-choo! What is this sound? It’s the sound of happiness! The historic Sóller train takes you from Palma to the charming town of Sóller through a scenic route. Read our guide on Ferryhopper to learn everything about the legendary train route, timetables, ticket prices, and travel tips.

 Leather-uphostered seats in the wooden Sóller train

Shimmering brass and leather seats on the wood-paneled Sóller train

A day trip on the Palma–Sóller train in Mallorca

The bell rings, the train conductor yells “All aaaboard!” and the train is slowly pulling away from the Ferrocarril Railway station of Palma in Mallorca. Where are we heading to? Our destination is the enchanting town of Sóller. An exciting journey begins with you gazing through the window of a 110-year-old wooden train

Hold on to that window seat to fully enjoy the stunning views of the rail route. You’re going to cross the Valley of Gold filled with ancient olive trees and orange groves, you’ll pass through 13 tunnels and see stone viaducts, charming villages, and the imposing Tramuntana mountains on your way to Sóller.

How long is the train journey from Palma to Sóller?

The train from Palma to Sóller takes about an hour! So, if you’re constantly searching for views that take your breath away go aboard and take the 27-km journey starting from Palma, the capital of Mallorca.

Depending on the season, there are between 1 to 6 daily rail crossings. During the summer months, the earliest ride is at 10:10 and the latest train departs from Palma to Sóller at 19:40.

How much does the train to Sóller cost?

A one-way ticket to Sóller from Palma costs around €18. If you want to purchase a return ticket, it costs €25. So, buy that ticket and take the ride!

Plus, if you also want to explore the Port de Sóller, you can take the tram from the Sóller station and be there in about 15-20 minutes for only €7. There is also the option of a combined return ticket including both the train and tram trip at the cost of €32.

The antique Sóller train waiting for departure

The Sóller train waiting for departure

What to do in Sóller?

After an hour on the trail tracks of the old, narrow-gauge railway, you will reach the station of Sóller. This journey back in time to 1912 surrounded by shimmering brown brass in an antique, wooden train was a blast! However, now it's time to leave those gleaming, wood-paneled carriages behind and explore the town of Sóller. 

The station has atmospheric lightning with old, rusty lamps pointing down at the welcoming signs written in 5 different languages. Go down the stairs and turn right towards the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) in the town center.

There, you will get yourself in front of the most prominent building in Sóller, the imposing church of St. Bartomeu in Neo-Gothic style. The splendid square is surrounded by cute shops and cafés where you can enjoy a cup of coffee.

If you like art and you are an admirer of Picasso, Kandinsky or Warhol, you can visit the Can Prunera, an impressive Art Nouveau building hosting a fine collection of art with famous paintings and contemporary exhibitions.

Fun fact: the St. Bartomeu Church was designed by Joan Rubin, one of Gaudi’s students, indicating the influence of the great architect on the church's details.

The narrow streets of the Sóller town in Mallorca

The labyrinthine alleys of the charming town of Sóller 

A visit to the Port de Sóller

No visit to Sóller is complete without a trip to the Port de Sóller. Take the tram to the picturesque seaport for a couple of hours before getting back to Palma. Trams depart from Sóller to the port every hour between 08:00 and 17:00 with a final route at 18:30 and the journey takes only 15 minutes.

Head towards the harbor and enjoy a walk in its lively promenade. Having just a glance, you will see the stunning scenery combining the seaside beauty and the historical heritage.

You can also go to the Capgros Lighthouse for amazing views of the Tramuntana mountains, take some photos for your travel album and then grab lunch before heading back to the train station of Sóller.

Anchored sailboats and yachts in the picturesque seafront of Port de Sóller

The quaint port of Port de Sóller

Tips for the Palma-Sóller trip

Here you can find some useful tips for your trip with the legendary Sóller train:

  • Make sure to arrive at least 40 minutes earlier to buy your tickets and avoid the long queues as the Palma-Sóller route is a very popular touristic route. 
  • When you reach the ticket window, make sure to have some cash on you as they don’t accept cards.
  • The town of Sóller gets very crowded during the summer months. Therefore, it is preferable to visit the town in May or September.
  • Keep in mind that the schedules reduce during the winter months. If you’re planning to travel from October to March, make sure to check the timetables before your trip.
  • If you are in the Spanish peninsula and want to travel to Mallorca, you can take the Barcelona to Mallorca ferry and enjoy your vacation on the island. Alternatively, you can travel from the port of Valencia to Mallorca by ferry.

The Lighthouse Capgros in Port de Sóller

The enchanting Lighthouse Capgros in Port de Sóller

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