Greek islands to go on holidays with friends

How to have a perfect trip with your travel buddies!

Are you looking for the best Greek island to visit with your friends? We know it can get challenging to balance everyone’s priorities and tastes on a group trip. So, here’s our list with the best Greek islands for holiday with your besties to get you started.

Discover the top destinations in Greece to go on holidays with your friends this summer and see how to book the cheapest ferry tickets.

Top 9 Greek islands for holidays with friends

Here are 9 islands that are great to visit with your friends and make new ones:

  1. Amorgos
  2. Ikaria
  3. Antiparos
  4. Samothraki
  5. Naxos
  6. Skiathos
  7. Nisyros
  8. Corfu
  9. Crete

Find useful travel info about the islands and choose the best destination for you and your friends! You can also check all ferry ticket discounts for the Greek islands to make a seriously informed decision!


Amorgos is a great destination for large groups of friends that enjoy relaxing vibes and spending time at the beach. 

Going camping is probably among the most popular accommodation options in Amorgos and also a more budget-friendly one, as well as a great way to meet new people. The campsite in Aegiali is said to be the liveliest on the island, located close to beach clubs and bars. The campsites of Katapola are quieter and they are closer to the beautiful village of Chora, and to some of the most impressive beaches on the island, such as Agia Anna and Mouros.

In Amorgos, you will enjoy hiking in wild landscapes, as well as diving into deep blue waters. The local bus lines serve regular routes to the island’s main villages and popular beaches. If your group consists of at least 4 people, it is probably worth renting a car to be more flexible and discover more distant places in Amorgos.

Tip: if you are looking for more camping ideas, check the best camping sites in the Aegean Islands.

Agios Pavlos beach in Amorgos, Greece

Mesmerizing waters at the beach of Agios Pavlos in Amorgos


If you're into a bohemian lifestyle or enjoy spending time in nature, then Ikaria is an ideal destination for you and your friends!

Ikaria has a unique, slow-paced vibe, an impressive natural landscape and beautiful beaches. If you like surfing, then this is an extra reason to visit Ikaria. On the beach of Mesakti you will find surfing opportunities for all levels (and a chill-out beach bar to hang out). One of the top experiences on the island is the summer panigiria, the traditional festivals, where you can try delicious local food, drink and dance to Greek music until the early morning hours.

Seychelles beach in Ikaria, Greece

The white-rock beach of Seychelles in Ikaria


Antiparos has a cosmopolitan vibe and it’s perfect if your dream vacation combines long days at the beach and intense nights.

For a more affordable stay on the island, you can choose Camping Antiparos, one of the most iconic campsites in the Cyclades, operating since the 1970s. Cycling is a popular means of moving around Antiparos, so you should consider renting bikes for you and your friends to explore the island.

In Antiparos, you can dine in classy restaurants and traditional tavernes, as well as enjoy stylish bars and cafeterias. Open-air disco La Luna is a must if you're a night owl. You and your friends can dance and party until the early morning hours.

Crystal-clear waters in Antiparos, Greece

The crystal blue sea of Antiparos


Samothraki is an ideal destination for nature lovers and friends that are into exploration. 

Located in northern Greece, Samothraki is an island of unique natural beauty with waterfalls, forests, natural pools, and beautiful beaches. In Samothraki, you will enjoy the zen atmosphere, spend your evenings in village squares with live music and dive into natural pools under waterfalls. 

The villages of Therma and Chora are where the majority of visitors who enjoy hiking, camping outdoors and climbing spend most of their time. Samothraki has 2 camping sites on the north coast, which are right next to the beach and enjoy natural shade. The island is ideal if you are traveling on a budget.

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Natural pool with waterfall in Samothraki, Greece

Impressive waterfall on the island of Samothraki


Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades and it has frequent ferry connections from Athens all year round. In the main town of Naxos, the lively Chora, you will find many bars, cafeterias, clubs, and restaurants. A visit to the archaeological site of Portara next to the port should surely be on your to-do list, as it is the perfect spot for a group photo

Naxos is also great for outdoor activities. On the east-coast beaches, you can find a surf club, windsurfing schools, diving centers, as well as kitesurfing and watersports clubs. Mikri Vigla, Plaka or Agios Prokopios are some of the nicest beaches on the island.

Hiking in Naxos is also a good idea if you want to explore the beautiful mountain villages. As for the transportation in Naxos, the local bus serves regular routes to the majority of villages and beaches, and it’s quite affordable. Alternatively, you can rent a car to explore Naxos’ outstanding beauty with ease.

Tip: Naxos is also among the top Greek Islands for food lovers.

White church at sunrise in Naxos. Greece

 Sunrise at the area of Agios Nikolas in Naxos


Often called “the alternative to Mykonos”, Skiathos is a party destination in the Sporades island group. 

Skiathos is full of pine forests and amazing beaches with crystal blue waters. The beach bars of Skiathos are the perfect place to spend time with your friends, relax under the sun or dance all day (and all night) long. You can stay in the main town of Skiathos, where you will find many affordable rooms and hotels or choose one of the camping sites on the island and stay closer to nature.

Rock formations at the beach of Lalaria in Skiathos, Greece

The impressive rocks at the beach of Lalaria in Skiathos


Nisyros is ideal for a relaxing getaway with friends. The ferry ride from Athens to Nisyros is approximately 13.5 or 14 hours, so you will have enough time on the ferry to get in a slowing-down mood. 

Nisyros is a destination for the lovers of simplicity and wild natural beauty. You can explore Nisyros’ volcano, called Stefanos, in a lunar landscape in the middle of the island. Walking into the volcano crater is an unforgettable experience and a great photo opportunity. 

During the summer, young people meet either at the tavernes and alleys of Mandraki (the main town and port of Nisyros) or at the squares of the mountain villages of Nikia and Emporio. Accommodation in Nisyros is cheap and there is a local bus that runs regular routes to the main villages of the island.

Tip: check our guide for tips on what to do on the ferry to pass the time.

Nikia village in Nisyros, Greece

The beautifully decorated square in the village of Nikia in Nisyros


The dilemma “Ionian Islands or the Cyclades?” is a typical one when it comes to deciding which Greek islands to choose for your holidays. If you and your friends enjoy swimming in turquoise, crystal clear and cool waters, as well as exploring forests and nature reserves, then the Ionian islands is the best destination for your next trip! 

Corfu, in particular, is great for vacation with your friends as it combines a vibrant lifestyle with numerous monuments, delicious local dishes and amazing beaches. Porto Timoni is one of the best beaches in the Greek islands! You can get to Corfu by ferry from the port of Igoumenitsa in Western Greece, or from the Italian ports of Bari, Ancona and Brindisi, as well as from the Albanian port of Sarandë.

Explore the old town of Corfu with its beautiful Venetian architecture and enjoy an aperitivo at one of the stylish cafeterias. Transferring your car to Corfu (or renting one) is a great idea, as you can reach the more remote beaches and see some of the most impressive natural landscapes on the island, such as the Loggas beach, the Agni Bay or Cape Drastis. 

Paleokastritsa in Corfu, Greece

The impressive beach of Paleokastritsa in Corfu


Crete is the largest island in Greece and it’s perfect for groups of friends who are seeking a more active vacation break with a multitude of activities and different experiences! 

The island has a long coast with countless idyllic beaches, as well as beautiful and diverse natural landscapes. You can choose to stay in an all-inclusive resort on the coast of Heraklion or Agios Nikolaos, book a room in a classy hotel in Chania or Rethymnon, or find accommodation in smaller villages, depending on your taste and budget. The south coast of the island is for the more adventurous of travelers, featuring hidden beaches, spectacular hiking trails, gorges, old villages, and some of the most amazing views of the Libyan Sea.

If you love hiking or if you are just interested in seeing the longest gorge in Europe, we recommend visiting the Samaria gorge, close to Chania.

Tip: if you're looking for a real detox from city life, we recommend going island-hopping from Crete to the remote Gavdos.

Balos beach in Crete, Greece

The impressive beach of Balos in Crete

If you're still unsure which island to choose, find more tips about Greek islands on our blog and explore the top island day trips from Athens.

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