Guide to your camping holidays in La Graciosa

Tips for the best camping experience in the Canaries!

La Graciosa is a Canary island like no other! Untamed beaches, virgin volcanic landscapes and an easy-going way of life guarantee peace and quiet. The best way to make the most of your trip to La Graciosa is to go camping on the island.

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Note: for the time being, the campsite of La Graciosa in El Salado remains closed until further notice. You can find the latest updates on the campsite's operation in this page.

Las Conchas beach in La Graciosa, Canary Islands, Spain

The golden sand of Las Conchas in La Graciosa

Can I go camping in La Graciosa?

Travelers looking for a relaxing and affordable stay in La Graciosa can go camping on the island. There is one official campsite where all campers stay, which is normally open all year round.

Where is the campsite in La Graciosa?

The campsite of La Graciosa is located at El Salado beach, close to the island's port. You can get to the campsite on foot from there Caleta de Sebo port or cycle there.

Good to know: the beach of El Salado is a peaceful sandy coast offering relaxation and amazing sunset views.

Is wild camping allowed in La Graciosa?

Wild camping is strictly prohibited in La Graciosa. This means that, if you wish to enjoy nature and relax bohemian-style on the island, you can only stay at the official campsite. The camping area is clearly designated and there are specific spots where campers can set up.

Tents at the official campsite of La Graciosa in El Salado, Canary Islands, Spain

The official campsite of El Salado in La Graciosa

How to book a camping spot in La Graciosa?

Staying at the camping area of the island is free of charge and reservation is required. Τo make a campsite reservation in La Graciosa, you can visit the online booking office of the National Parks Regional Organization to secure a spot.

You can enter your desired dates and number of persons staying at the campsite and check availability. Once you find a suitable date, you can select the exact plot where you intend to set up your tent from the 50 available plots.

Each plot has a maximum capacity of 10 visitors and can be booked for up to 7 days.

Important: before you visit the island for your camping holidays, make sure you print the booking confirmation and make a note of your reservation number.

Is the camping area in La Graciosa open?

The camping site of La Graciosa in El Salado is currently closed. This means that it is not possible to go camping in La Graciosa at the moment. There are no updates regarding the operation of the La Graciosa camping area in 2023/24.

Hiking trail close to the beach in La Graciosa

Hiking trail leading to a majestic, wild beach in La Graciosa

Useful tips to go camping in La Graciosa

During your camping holidays in La Graciosa, you need to make sure to follow some rules to help preserve the virgin environment of the island and have a smooth and relaxing stay.

Here are some useful tips:

  • It is not allowed to light bonfires or have a BBQ in the campsite.
  • Campers should respect the flora and fauna during their stay. You should not pick flowers or engage with wildlife.
  • Remember not to leave any litter before you depart from the campsite and always pick up garbage.
  • The use of loudspeakers and power generators is not allowed within the campsite. Residents should respect night rest and be considerate to other campers, as well as the natural environment.
  • You are not allowed to install any permanent or temporary infrastructure in the campsite, except for your tent. Campervans and motor vehicles are also not allowed.
  • If you don’t make it to the campsite within 24 hours after your booked date of arrival, the reserved plot may be given to other visitors.
  • There are communal toilets and showers in the campsite, but there are no other visitor services.
  • Caleta de Sebo is the only town on the island and the only place where you can find shops and restaurants.
  • Although La Graciosa is only connected by ferry with Lanzarote, you can continue your journey from there to the rest of the Canary archipelago. Plan your island-hopping trip in the Canaries on Ferryhopper hassle-free!

What to bring when going camping in La Graciosa?

As La Graciosa is a small island with few shops, it is important to stick to your camping vacation checklist as much as possible!

Make sure you bring your own camping equipment, including tents, covers, mats, mattresses, and pillows. Also, it is a good idea to bring canned and bottled goods with you either from Caleta de Sebo or before you catch the ferry from Lanzarote.

Other La Graciosa camping essentials include: torch, toilet paper, garbage bags, suncream, a jacket, and a hat.

Good to know: the water in the shower rooms cannot be transported outside the showers and toilets, so don’t forget to bring plenty of water.

What activities to try in La Graciosa while camping?

La Graciosa is a top camping vacation destination as it offers visitors the chance to lay back and relax, take part in eco-friendly activities, explore the untouched nature, and try outdoor sports.

Ferryhopper suggests you don’t miss out on the majestic beaches of La Graciosa, go cycling and hiking among sand dunes and impressive mountains, walk up to Montaña Amarilla, and explore the coast of the island both over- and underwater! 

You can go on a boat tour to see remote beaches, such as La Francesa or try snorkeling and diving to discover the marine life of the island including angel sharks and moray eels.

Tip: for extra adventure, you can also try surfing in La Graciosa. Baja del Ganado is one of the best surf spots on the island.

Cycling towards Montaña Amarilla in La Graciosa, Canary Islands, Spain

Mountain biking in the untouched nature of La Graciosa

How to travel to La Graciosa?

The only way to get to La Graciosa is by ferry from Lanzarote. The Lanzarote - La Graciosa ferry route is available with up to 10 crossings a day, and tickets start at €15. Ferries depart from the port of Órzola and arrive in Caleta de Sebo in just 25 minutes.

Check Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries for available schedules and book your tickets to La Graciosa online with no hidden fees.

Tip: are you testing the waters with a day trip to La Graciosa before you book a camping spot on the Canary island? Have a look at our guide with the best things to do in La Graciosa in a day!

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