Nightlife made in Italy

Italian destinations where the fun never ends

Who said the most fun nights can only be found in Mykonos and Ibiza? Nightlife in Italy, with its beautiful beaches, trendy clubs and summer events, is every bit as entertaining!

Discover with us the top nightlife destinations in Italy and get ready to recharge your batteries this summer!

  1. Gallura
  2. Riviera Romagnola
  3. Jesolo
  4. Salento
  5. Ischia
  6. Catania

 DJ’s hands on a console at a beach party in Sardinia

DJ and atmospheric music at a beach party in Sardinia

Fun holidays in Italy: where to go

Italy is definitely one of the most popular destinations when it comes to summer holidays. Every year, its coasts, villages and art towns welcome many travelers that want to enjoy beautiful beaches, relaxation and good food.

Apart from the Colosseum and tasty ice cream, however, Italy is also full of fun and party options for your vacation. If you are looking for a destination in Italy this summer that offers a vibrant nightlife above all, here are our recommendations:

Gallura: low-cost entertainment in Sardinia

Sardinia is famous all over the world for its beautiful sea and thousand-year-old traditions, but there’s more! Apart from its VIP resorts in the Costa Smeralda (not suitable for all budgets), the region of Gallura is perfect for a cheaper trip with your friends.

Santa Teresa Gallura and San Teodoro, in the northeastern part of the island, are among the favorites of young travelers, thanks to their lively atmosphere and variety of clubs. There, you can always enjoy beach parties, aperitifs and cocktails.

As for the clubs, don’t miss an evening at Ambra Night, Luna Glam and Estasi Disco!

Aperitifs and beach parties on the Riviera Romagnola

When it comes to nightlife in Italy, Romagna is always among the top options. With its nightlife thriving both in summer and in winter, the Riviera Romagnola is an attraction for those who want to party by the sea.

The towns of Rimini, Riccione and Milano Marittima (very close to Cesenatico) are among the most popular, both in Italy and in Europe, for their long coastline and wild entertainment. With lively bars in the historic center, cocktails on the beach, theme nights, and outdoor discos, the Riviera Romagnola is certainly a great option all year long!

As for our favorite picks: the Fico Fellas, the Cocoricò, the Zouk Santana, and the Altromondo Studios!

The long coast and beaches of Rimini in Italy

The famous coastline and beaches of Rimini

Jesolo: the most fun beach in Northern Italy

Another summer nightlife mecca in Italy is Jesolo, in the province of Venice. Every year, this town is packed with young people who want to have a good time, night and day.

Its long coastline, organized beaches and nightclubs hosting world-renowned DJs offer entertainment options for every taste.

You will find the hottest clubs between Piazza Brescia and Piazza Mazzini, where the Capannina Beach (the master of aperitifs) and the famous chioschetti (kiosks) along the seafront stand out. As for disco lovers, Il Muretto, open since the 1960s, is a must!

Salento: sea, music and dancing

Entertainment in Apulia has only one name: Salento! The towns of Gallipoli, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, and Porto Cesareo are located in the southeastern part of the region, near Brindisi.

In addition to its crystal-clear waters, rural landscapes and beautiful architecture, Salento also offers parties, aperitifs on the beach and discos where you can dance until the morning. Moreover, year after year it proves to be a favorite destination for young people from all over Italy, as it hosts many events, festivals and concerts.

Among the most anticipated summer festivals is the Notte della Taranta, held in August in various locations in Salento. Prepare for some serious fun to the sound of music and enjoy folk dances, shows and local gastronomy.

Young people dancing and having fun during the Notte della Taranta in Salento

Dancing and fun during the Notte della Taranta, in Salento

Ischia: the island that loves the night

In addition to being one of the most famous islands in Italy for its nature, beaches and magnificent thermal springs, Ischia is also an extremely fun destination.

Especially in the summer, the areas of Riva Destra and Ischia Porto are bursting with life thanks to their restaurants, lounge bars and live music shows. Start with an aperitif at the historic Bar Calise, and continue your evening at the disco, at Valentino or Blu Jane.

Moreover, don’t miss a night out in the Forio area, with its waterfront clubs and the famous Giovedì Foriano, which basically means spending Thursday night moving from one bar to another.

Catania: young nightlife at its best

If you are thinking of visiting Catania for its cultural wonders, you should know that it is also one of the most lively cities in Sicily. This small metropolis at the foot of Mount Etna has, in fact, an excellent nightlife all year round.

The areas of Piazza del Duomo and Teatro Massimo in Catania’s historic center are full of young people that walk into the bars and wine bars to have a pleasant evening with friends.

In the summer, all the fun moves to the seafront and the port, where you can go wild to the rhythm of music, enjoy drinks and beach parties. Near Viale Ruggero di Lauria and the seaside village of San Giovanni Li Cuti, there are several bars, restaurants overlooking the sea and kiosks open all night long.

The Piazza del Duomo in Catania, illuminated in the evening

The beautiful, illuminated Piazza del Duomo in Catania

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