The best ice cream shops in the Greek islands

Cup or cone?

Surely you’ve heard of island hopping before. What about ice cream hopping, though? Hop on the ferry to discover the best ice cream shops and try the most delicious ice cream of the Greek islands! Are you coming?

Various flavors of ice cream with waffle cookies

Colorful display freezer filled with ice cream

Tutti frutti in Mykonos

Our first stop is on the famous island of Mykonos. Walk through white Cycladic houses with blue doors and old windmills while enjoying an ice cream cone. Oh, do you want a cup, instead? Okay, cup it is!

The I Scream ice cream parlor, located in the Chora of Mykonos has over 24 colorful ice cream flavors in perfect harmony with its colorful comfortable pillows. Watermelon, mango, and fig are its best-selling ice cream flavors. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and fruity, now you know which flavors are a must!

After stuffing your face in ice cream, download the Ferryhopper app to track the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini in real-time and off we go!

Ice cream display freezer with colorful flavors in Mykonos

Creamy ice creams with fruity flavors in Mykonos

Unique flavors in Santorini

If we had to describe Santorini in just 3 words they would be caldera, volcano, and sunset. The magnificent view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, the Cycladic alleys, and the all-white churches with the blue domes are some of the images that will accompany the best ice cream in Santorini.

In Oia, just before watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, visit Lolita’s Gelato for a complete Santorini experience.

Baklava and orange are among the best ice cream flavors in Lolita’s Gelato! If you're looking for something less common, you can try Italian domori cocoa flavor with vinsanto, one of the best wines of Santorini. And if you want to take it a step further, check the newest ice cream flavor of Cretan virgin olive oil. Would you give it a try?

Ice cream scoops in Santorini

Ice cream scoops with a creamy texture

Homemade ice cream cone in Paros

Welcome to Paros, the fourth largest island in the Cyclades! It is famous for its beaches, nightlife and of course for its ice cream! In the village of Naoussa, just a 16-minute drive from the port, you can find the ice cream parlor that will make you get second ice cream.

Nonna Crema in mint and pink colors/ shades is reminiscent of those old traditional ice cream trolleys. Now, the main question pop-ups again: Cone or Cup? In this particular ice cream parlor, you can only say YES to their tasty homemade cone!

Crispy, crunchy cone with creamy ice cream made from fresh cow milk. Try a scoop of almond - lemon ice cream with a light texture and perfect taste. If you really have a sweet tooth, don't leave the place without trying peanut butter ice cream!

Homemade, crispy ice cream cone in a ice cream shop in Paros

Homemade, crunchy ice cream cone in Paros

Ice cream cocktail in Naxos

The next stop is Naxos, well known for the great quality of its local agricultural products. The largest island of the Cyclades with the impressive Portara is full of strong flavors. From the famous gruyere to the local citrus liqueur, your visit to Naxos will leave you with the sweetest memories

So, are you in for an ice cream cocktail from the Milkato Gelateria? In just 8 minutes from the port, you will find yourself in front of a colorful ice cream display freezer. Also, you will find yourself in a big dilemma: which flavors to choose? Ice cream cocktail with mint and dark chocolate or black vanilla and rum served in a tall glass?

Ice cream cocktail in Naxos

The famous cocktail ice cream with mint and chocolate in Naxos

Summer wouldn’t be summer without ice cream and you know it! You also know where to find the best ice cream shops in the Greek islands. So, book your ferry tickets online at Ferryhopper at the same prices as the ferry companies, eat and repeat.

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