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Ferry from Crete (Heraklion) to Athens (Piraeus)

Tickets & Schedules

Traveling from Crete (Heraklion) to Athens (port of Piraeus) by ferry

Around two ferries operate every day for the journey from Heraklion to Athens (Piraeus), although it happens to have some difference about quantity of ferries available when it concerns about low and high season. Mostly of the departures are made by night, the departure time variates from 20:30 to 21:00 depending on the ferry company. The journey from Heraklio to Athens (Piraeus) usually takes from 7h30-10h45 hours of duration and an average ticket price goes from € 29.00-€ 46.00, but as this is usually an overnight and long trip, you should consider the option of booking Bed Cabins, there are plenty of types of Bed Cabins, with different structures and prices.

Ferry schedules from Crete (Heraklion) to Athens (port of Piraeus)*

What is the trip duration from Heraklion to Athens (Piraeus)? 

Athens (Piraeus) is about 332 km from Heraklion and usually the ferry trips last from 7.30 to 11 hours.

What ferry to choose at the Crete to Athens ferry Trip?

As mostly of the journeys from Heraklion to Athens (Piraeus) are overnight trips, we suggest you to book the options with cabin beds, there are plenty of types of cabins, with different options of values and bed disposition. The prices change according to the company and the type of cabin. You can compare the ferry prices of different cabins at

Why should I take a Bed Cabin at a ferry trip?

  1. You avoid feeling nausea
  2. You don’t feel how long the journey is taking
  3. You have your own quite space and you can work or have time to organise you next travel plans
  4. Spending a night at a ferry trip might be saving you money from staying at a hotel
  5. When you arrive at destination you would be already rested and it will be morning, so you will be able to enjoy better your destination at the time you arrive.

Because the journey from Heraklion to Athens (Piraeus) is very long travel, and this is most of the times an overnight trip, taking a Bed Cabin is the most comfortable option for you. You can compare cabin prces and find available beds at

How many ferries are available every day from Heraklion to Athens?

The number of available ferries depends according to low and high season. There are always at least two ferries making departures every day, but at some specific days it might have one more ferry.

  1. At Sundays of low seasons (mid-October to mid-April) it is available one more ferry, making it three ferries operating on Sundays of low seasons.  
  2. During summer season (from June till September) you can find one more ferry departing oftenly at Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, making it three ferries departing at those days as a result of the increase of tourists during this time at the year. 
  3. As most of the daily ferry departures happen at night, it is good to know that sometimes, the third ferry option is actually a ferry with different schedule that departures earlier, at 11:00. 

Tips for the ferry trip from Heraklion to Athens

  1. In such long journeys, it is advisable to travel with a cabin. In order to do so, you should book your tickets the earliest possible, as (3-4 months before the trip). Find all available cabins at
  2. Ferry rides can become a bit bumpy during summer. There is absolutely nothing to be worry about, rather than getting a bit seasick. If you do not feel well you can always ask the ferry crew for some aspirins.
  3. Tickets to Piraeus from Hreaklion always sell out fast during high-season. If you are planning to take a ferry from Heraklion to Athens on late July or August, make sure to book your tickets well in advance.
  4. Heraklion is probably the most famous port of Crete, but there are also other ports that may be convenient for you, such as Rethymno and Chania.
  5. You can travel by ferry to Santorini and Mykonos from Heraklion! Find more about these itineraries at our blog.
  6. The port of Heraklion is usually very crowded during the whole summer season, and multiple ferries can arrive/depart at the same time. Make sure to be there on time and ask the port authorities personnel for information regarding your ferry.

Daily ferries from Crete (Heraklion) to Athens (port of Piraeus)