white and green ferry Olympus of SeaSpeed Ferries

Ferry tickets from SeaSpeed Ferries

SeaSpeed ​​Ferries is a greek ferry company established in 2018 to cover additional routes and needs between the greek islands. The goal of the company is both the service and the tourist development of the destinations, as well as the coverage of their food supply needs.

The ferry connection served by SeaSpeed ​​Ferries is from Piraeus to Milos, then to Santorini and finally to Rethymno, Crete. The ferry of the company that operates these routes is Olympus, which has facilities such as cabins and garages for transporting vehicles.

SeaSpeed ​​Ferries supports discount policies for groups of travelers such as students, large families, children, the unemployed, etc. At the same time, it often promotes offers for certain itineraries. Find all available offers and discounts for SeaSpeed ​​Ferries on our pages to book cheap ferry tickets.

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