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Lazio, Italy

Anzio is located about 60 km south of Rome and it is one of the most popular seaside tourist destinations in Lazio. Despite its historical and cultural heritage, the fame of Anzio is essentially linked to its beaches. On this Ferryhopper page, you will find more information about the port and the city of Anzio, the ferry routes from the Lazio region and how to book ferry tickets in just 4 clicks!

How to get to Anzio by ferry?

The port of Anzio has a 3-branched dock and is one of the main ports from which ferries travel to Ponza. However, it is operational only in the summer (during winter ferries to the Pontine Islands leave from the port of Formia).

Very close to Rome and only 3 km from Nettuno, the port of Anzio is easily accessible by car, train and bus from all over Italy. With its characteristic bars on the streets near the port, the delicacies with local fish, its narrow streets and an interesting historic center, Anzio is certainly a town worth visiting. 

Ferry from Anzio to Ponza 

The ferry connection between the port of Anzio to that of Ponza is seasonal and runs from June to September. The ferry company serving the Anzio-Ponza route is Laziomar, which operates up to 4 weekly crossings The ferry journey lasts approximately 1 hr 20 min and the standard ferry ticket price is around 23 €

Tip: It is not possible to bring your car to Ponza during the summer. We, therefore, advise you to leave your car in the numerous private guarded car parks that are located near the port.

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What to do in Anzio?

Anzio is a seaside town with a Roman past, with numerous tourist and cultural attractions, historic buildings and archaeological sites. Some of the most important monuments with impressive architecture in Anzio are:

  • The Church of Santissimi Pio and Antonio
  • The Church of Sant'Antonio 
  • The Basilica of Santa Teresa del Bambino Gesù
  • Villa Albani, Villa Sarsina and Villa Adele
  • Nero's Villa
  • The English Monumental Cemetery 
  • Paradise on the sea
  • Torre Astura 

For nature lovers, a visit to the Tor Caldara Nature Reserve is a must, famous for its unspoiled beauty and open only 3 days a week. 

Beaches in Anzio

Thanks to the well-organized beaches and the possibility of trying water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, you can spend days at the beach in Anzio in complete relaxation or fun. Ferryhopper recommends the following beaches in Anzio

  • The Caves of Nero
  • Lavinio beach
  • Lido dei Gigli
  • Lido delle Sirene
  • Marechiaro lido
  • The Tor Caldara beach

Festivals and Events in Anzio 

Among the biggest events of Anzio, there are the Maremusica (a singing festival held in November) and the MilleVoci event (held in April and brings together the promising singers - winners of national competitions). The last weekend of August or the first of September, however, the local gastronomy is celebrated with the Tellina Festival.

Where to buy ferry tickets for Anzio?

Do you want to spend your holidays a step away from the Eternal City and also visit the island of Ponza? Are you looking forward to discovering the beaches of Anzio? Don't think about it ... Anzio is the destination to choose and Ferryhopper is here to help you find the best ferry routes for the perfect holidays. Book now ferry tickets from Anzio to Ponza quickly, easily and at the best prices! 

Anzio has direct ferry connections with 1 ports:

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