Seajets is about to announce e-ticket for ferries travelling in Greek islands

Seajets is about to announce e-ticket for ferries travelling in Greek islands

Shortly you will be able to get your ferry tickets without waiting in the line

Electronic ferry ticket is about to come for Seajets itineraries

Well, we have some good news for travelers coming to the Greek Islands... Seajets is about to announce e-ticket!

Recently they have launched the beta version of their web check-in platform and will be testing for the following days to come. Check-in will be available 48 hours to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the vessel’s departure and all that to be needed is the booking reference number (CRS code) and the lead passengers’ last name.

We expect e-tickets to be launched in full service before summer 2019, facilitating travelers in their trips around Greek islands.

What does e-ticket for Seajets ferries mean?

Electronic ticket for ferries means that you will be able to check-in online, download your boarding pass and get on-board with just this! 

If you book tickets for Seajets with Ferryhopper, you will get a booking confirmation e-mail with the specific links to the web check-in platform where you will get your boarding passes. Once you check-in, you will only need to download your boarding pass on your phone, or if you’re worried about battery issues, you can print it yourself and carry it with you.

What are the advantages of e-tickets?

The main advantages of e-tickets for ferries are:

  • No need to wait in the line to get your ferry tickets
  • Easy to store in your phone/tablet
  • Easier process for ticket modifications/cancellations

How do the traditional ferry tickets for Greek islands look like?

The traditional ticket of ferry companies in Greece is like the one seen in the image. In general, ferry companies have been slow at switching over to e-tickets but fortunately, some companies are paving the way toward this!

Paper coupons of ferry tickets for Greek Islands

How can I book my ferry tickets to the Greek Islands?

In Ferryhopper we specialize in providing you with all the available ferry itineraries and show you the best prices for your ferry tickets. You can find the most up-to-date ferry schedules and directly book your ferry tickets for the Greek Islands using our innovative ferry tickets engine, in just a few clicks!