Day trip from Trapani to Favignana: what to do

The authentic charm of Favignana!

Favignana is the largest island in the Egadi archipelago and a popular Mediterranean summer getaway. Its incredible crystal clear waters, stunning beaches and laid-back atmosphere make Favignana an ideal vacation destination.

If you are on vacation in Sicily, you can easily take a day trip to the picturesque Favignana, which is only 30 minutes away from the port of Trapani! Check out our Map of Ferries for all available crossings from Trapani to Favignana and discover what to do there in 1 day.

Fishing boats at the port of Favignana, Italy

Fishing boats at the port of Favignana on a sunny day

1 day in Favignana: what to do

There are up to 20 daily crossings departing from the port of Trapani to Favignana throughout the year. The earliest ferry usually departs from Trapani at 06:30 and arrives in Favignana at 07:30.

The Trapani - Favignana ferry route lasts approximately 30 minutes and the ticket cost is around €12 on average. If you want to spend a full day in Favignana and make the most of your day trip, we recommend that you catch the morning ferry.

Stroll around the town of Favignana

The town center is ideal for soaking up the authentic atmosphere of Favignana. Its historical center is mostly a pedestrian area and in the main squares, you can see locals passing the time outside cafes and children playing or riding their bikes.

Wander through Favingana's narrow alleys and stop by Piazza Madrice and Piazza Europa for a refreshing coffee or an ice cream. Don't leave without checking out the traditional shops that still retain their vintage charm.

Narrow alley and a cat in Favignana, Italy

Picturesque alley in Favignana

Try the traditional cuisine

The island's economy is based on the tuna industry, making Favignana famous for its tuna fisheries. The seafood restaurants serve a variety of tasty dishes, including spaghetti with sea urchins, red-grilled tuna steak, pasta with lobster, and tuna tartar.

If you want a light snack before your swim, we suggest trying a nice tuna kebab, Favignana's most famous fast food.

Cycling in Favignana

The best way to explore Favignana is by bike. If you enjoy cycling, the good news is that the perimeter of Favignana is only 33 km long, making it possible to discover the entire island in 1 day.

You can rent a bike near the port and follow one of the 45 cycle routes. Cycling in Favignana means passing by lemon trees and cacti and enjoying breathtaking views.

Bikes atop a hill in Favignana, Italy

Cycling in Favignana

Visit the Santa Caterina Castle

For a 360-degree view of the Aegadian Islands, you have to climb to the top of the Santa Caterina Castle, a historical landmark in Favignana.

This abandoned castle, which was once a military observatory, is now one of the most popular places in Favignana to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and take photos.

Dive into the blue of Favignana

No trip to Favignana is complete without exploring its coastline. Favignana is a swimmer's paradise as it offers a variety of swimming options, including wonderful beaches, bays and small secluded coves.

Cala Rossa is one of the most popular beaches in Favignana. It is accessible on foot and by boat and is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing boats at the beach Cala Rossa in Favignana, Italy

The transparent blue of the famous Cala Rossa beach

So, what are you waiting for? Catch the next ferry to Favignana and book ferry tickets on Ferryhopper without hidden fees!

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