Sustainable holidays in the beautiful Dodecanese

Go green, go Greek!

In the Dodecanese, you don’t have to choose between top-tier tourism and sustainability. On the beautiful islands of Rhodes, Astypalea, Halki and more, green is the way to be!

Make the best of both worlds by planning sustainable holidays in the Dodecanese on Ferryhopper. Discover the most eco-friendly islands of the archipelagos, read the best travel tips and book your ferry tickets to the Dodecanese hassle-free!

  1. Rhodes
  2. Kos
  3. Astypalea
  4. Halki
  5. Tilos
  6. Leipsoi
  7. Kalymnos

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View of the Ladiko bay in Rhodes, Dodecanese

Dense greenery and mesmerizing waters in Rhodes

The advanced and evergreen island of Rhodes

Welcome to Rhodes, the largest and most renowned island of the Dodecanese! As an emerging Green Tourism Destination, Rhodes has been implementing various sustainable practices, including green electric mobility (local buses) and luxurious accommodations with reduced environmental impact.

Rhodes is also known for its countless plant-based dishes, making it one of the best Greek islands for vegans and vegetarians and further enhancing its opportunities for green tourism!

Tip: what if you could visit more than one island during your eco-friendly getaway in Greece? We suggest that you visit Rhodes first, as it is one of the most well-connected islands in all of the Dodecanese. Then, planning day trips from Rhodes to nearby islands is nothing but smooth sailing!

Think globally, act locally in Kos

The municipality of Kos is determined to turn the island into a slow tourism destination. One of the most representative examples is the sustainable project “Kos Locally Grown”. This student-led initiative is all about promoting local products so that consumers can eat more locally and thus more sustainably.

Kos is also another great starting point for your island hopping in the Dodecanese. Check out our article on day trips from Kos to neighboring islands and visit multiple eco-friendly destinations with only 1 booking!

Colorful tavern at the village of Zia in Kos, Dodecanese

Picturesque aesthetics at the village of Zia on the island of Kos

Heavenly camping in Astypalea

Astypalea is one of the best islands in the Aegean Sea for camping! And as outdoor accommodation makes for a less carbon-intensive option, it’s a fantastic start for your sustainable holidays in the Dodecanese.

While accommodation is indeed a crucial part of slow tourism, Astypalea has more tricks up its sleeve!

Not only is Astypalea full of wild beauty and unspoiled villages, but it also allows you to explore them sustainably. Eco-friendly transportation is an integral part of Astypalea’s life, as the island attempts to minimize its emissions. Locals and tourists have the opportunity to move around by green bus or electric car.

Turn over a new leaf in Halki

The grass is always greener on the beautiful island of Halki! Only a stone’s throw away from Rhodes, this small island is full of eco-friendly surprises.

In an attempt to turn itself into an emission-free island, Halki has electric buses, smart benches that are solar-powered and forward-thinking lighting systems! Being a GR- Eco island, innovation is now an integral part of Halki. There are even some soundproof bars that do not disrupt the island's wildlife!

What’s more impressive is that these technological advancements do not affect the island’s natural beauty and colorful architecture. So, don’t waste your time and plan an exciting day trip from Rhodes to Halki!

Cloudy day at the port of Halki, Greece

Cloudy day over Halki's colorful port

Herbal therapy and slow tourism in Tilos

The picturesque island of Tilos and herbal practices have gone hand in hand since ancient times. According to Greek mythology, when Alia, sister of Helios, became sick, her son Tilos came to this island in search of therapeutic herbs. His mission was successful, fully restoring his mother’s health.

Today, you can explore the island of Tilos through numerous hiking trails where you can find countless types of herbs! Far and wide across the island, biodiversity and untouched beauty reign supreme. Here, you even have the opportunity for birdwatching, as the island welcomes many bird species (hunting was banned back in 1993, gratefully).

Apart from that, Tilos itself is now powered by wind and solar energy, making it the first fully green island of the Mediterranean! So, hop on the ferry, grab a map with all the hiking trails of Tilos and put on “Solar Power” by Lorde to get in the mood! ☀️

Waves of change in Leipsoi

In recent years, the dreamlike island of Leipsoi has explored numerous ways of reducing its environmental impact, all while helping locals and tourists reconnect with nature.

Specifically, the municipality of Leipsoi has banned sunbeds on all of its beaches, encouraging travelers to live more authentically and sustainably. With reduced use of plastic items, minimized vehicle circulation and numerous solar-powered lights, eco-friendly holidays in Leipsoi are all about stepping away from technology and living in the moment.

Tip: apart from Leipsoi, discover more top Greek islands for car-free holidays in our dedicated article.

Become one with nature in Kalymnos

The local community of Kalymnos focuses on raising awareness about the island’s natural resources. Among other things, it organizes cleaning days of its beaches and educates travelers on respecting the environment during their outdoor excursions. There is one particular element, however, that separates the island from the rest of the Dodecanese.

Kalymnos has transformed itself into a fantastic destination for climbers of all levels! Thrill-seekers and lovers of outdoor activities choose Kalymnos for their holidays due to the island's countless climbing opportunities.

Consider planning a trip to Kalymnos and discover its rocky beauty. Even if this is your first try in the world of climbing, don’t worry! There are many beginner-friendly locations with expert infrastructure that allows you to reconnect with nature and enjoy your green holidays in the Dodecanese.

Climber on one of Kalymno's rocky mountains, Dodecanese

Breathtaking climbing in Kalymnos with views of the Aegean Sea

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