A day trip in Lanzarote: top attractions you shouldn’t miss

Cacti, lava tubes and incredible views!

Are you dreaming of a day trip to Lanzarote? The easternmost of the Canary Islands will charm you with its blackened lava fields, volcanic cones, palm-filled valleys, and enchanting villages. So, jump on the ferry and discover the top attractions of Lanzarote on an adventurous day trip:

The main sqaure of the village of Haría in Lanzarote, Spain

 The picturesque square of the village of Haría

1. Explore Timanfaya National Park

Start your day with the most impressive attraction on the island! Tuck into a breakfast of scrambled eggs, stretch your legs and off we go to visit the volcanic hills of Timanfaya National Park

Prepare yourself for some awe-inspiring moments as the otherworldly landscape of the park is evidence of Lanzarote’s dramatic geological history. Numerous cones, craters and fissures cover the lunar landscape, so what better way to start your day in Lanzarote than go hiking in the volcanic mountains? 

Unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the rugged terrain. Wear your hiking boots and take the Tremensana Route to explore the southern area of the park. You will pass through the Mountain of Tremesana, the volcano of Kipuka and the Mountain Rajada, also known as the Cracked Mountain.

Along the trail, you will encounter different types of lava flow from malpais (rough lava flow) to swirling lava flow and crunchy volcanic ash (picón). The hiking trail is 4 km long and takes about 3 hours.

Tip: are you fascinated by the lunar landscape of the island? Read our blog about the top volcanoes of Lanzarote on Ferryhopper! Also, if you're interested in hiking, you should keep in mind that all walks are guided and should be booked in advance.

Volcanic rocks in Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote, Spain

Volcanic rocks in Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote

2. Surf at Famara beach

From the fiery mountains and the volcanic cones of Timanfaya National Park, off you go for dives and splish-splash on the Famara beach. Drive northwest for 25 minutes to reach every surfer’s paradise! The long sandy coast has some awesome reef breaks for great wave rides surrounded by mountainous cliffs. 

Therefore, if you’re a beginner at surfing, Famara beach is a great place to start! Grab a surfboard and have some fun while taming the waves. However, the beach has something for everyone from water sports (windsurfing, kitesurfing, bodyboarding) to cozy corners to enjoy the sun.

Therefore, if hiking was enough exercise for the day, you can lay your towel down on the beach and just relax with a book while enjoying the sound of the waves splashing on the coast.

Tip: near the beach, you can find many surf schools giving lessons or you can simply rent a surfboard! Also, if you're really into surfing, you can go island hopping to discover the top surf spots in the Canary Islands.

Wavy day at Famara beach in Lanzarote, Spain

The dramatic coastline of Famara beach

3. Enjoy lunch with sea views in Arrieta

Catching waves can be challenging so leave your surfboard aside and take a short ride to the charming fishing village of Arrieta on the northeast of the island. By the time you reach it, you will probably be really hungry. Find a table near the harbor jutting out into the sea and enjoy fresh seafood by La Garita beach.

Houses right in front of the water at the village of Arrieta in Lanzarote, Spain

The charming harbor in the fishing village of Arrieta

4. Visit the César Manrique House Museum in Haría

With a full belly and a happy heart you can now go to the picturesque village of Haría also known as “The Valley of the 1000 Palms”. As soon as you park your car, head towards the shaded square of Haría, Plaza Leon y Castillo. You will get mesmerized by the whitewashed villas intermingling with gigantic palm trees and tropical plants. 

In the Valley of Haría, you will find the whitewashed César Manrique House Museum surrounded by palm trees and cacti. The exuberant plant life adds an exotic vibe to the old farmhouse. The local artist César Manrique kept the traditional lines of the house and added modern twists to it. Here, you can see up close the artist’s studio and old art pieces.

Cactuses at the César Manrique House Museum in Lanzarote, Spain

The César Manrique House  Museum in Haría 

5. Wander through the Jameos del Agua caves

Now that you’re acquainted with César Manrique, it is time to visit one of his most famous and impressive artworks in Lanzarote. The Spanish artist being a pioneer of ecologism transformed a volcanic tunnel into a natural auditorium and a tourist attraction.

The wonderful caves of Jameos del Agua are a sample of total harmony between nature and artistic details. Wander around the volcanic tunnel, explore the cave system and enjoy a drink by the curvy pool.

The Jameos del Agua caves in Lanzarote, Spain

The enchanting Jameos del Agua caves in Lanzarote

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