What to expect when traveling between Italy and Greece by ferry

Ferry and chill!

When do you feel like your holiday finally begins? The moment you board the ferry, of course!

And what would be better than to start your Greece - Italy ferry trip with all the comforts that can offer you a pleasant and relaxing experience, and recharge your batteries before you even reach your destination.

On Ferryhopper, we have made a list of all services and amenities that you can take advantage of on ferries serving routes from Greece to Italy. Take a look, find what suits your needs best and book your ferry tickets hassle-free.

View of the Adriatic Sea and ferries traveling from above

The Adriatic Sea from above at “rush hour”

Amenities and services on ferries from Greece to Italy

On Ferryhopper, you can find all necessary information about services and amenities on board ferries from Greece to Italy, before you start planning your trip!

Tip: check all available ferry routes from Italy to Greece for 2024 to have a better picture of your travel options.

Cabins and other accommodation options

The ferry ride from Greece to Italy may last many hours, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be tiring. Cabin options are many and can satisfy every traveler’s needs. There are inside cabins, outside cabins (with a window), suites, and premium cabins (lux) that are comfortable and functional, so you can feel like home.

Depending on how many people you travel with, you can book from a one-bed cabin to a four-bed one, if you want to stay with your family or friends. Most cabins have A/C, WC, showers, towels, phones, and outlets where you can charge your cell phone.

Premium cabins (lux) and suites usually have extra amenities, such as a small living room, TV, a fridge, a double bed, and a wardrobe. In some cases, there is also breakfast included at no additional cost.

If you prefer a cheaper option for your Greece - Italy journey, you can always opt for an economy seat or a numbered seat. All ferries have spacious lounges and specially designed spaces with airplane-type seats, where you can rest during the trip and enjoy all the comforts available at the ferry’s common areas.

Tip: some ferry companies, such as Ventouris Ferries, offer discounts up to 20%, provided that you also book your return tickets at the same booking.

Four-bed family cabin on an Anek Superfast ferry

Cabin for the whole family on an Anek Superfast ferry

Amenities for people with disabilities

On ferries operating routes from Italy to Greece, people with disabilities can enjoy a pleasant and, most of all, accessible journey. Most common areas are equipped with grab rails or ramps, and the experienced ferry crew is there to help you with anything you need.

Regarding accommodation options, you can choose a specially designed accessible cabin for your trip, stay in one one of the common lounges, relax in one of the conventional or premium airplane-type seats, and spend some time on the deck. The specially designed cabins are probably your best option for a long trip, as they have toilets with grab rails and wash basins at an adjusted height, and are easily accessible by wheelchair.

In most cases, it is best you inform the ferry company of your upcoming trip, so it can take all necessary steps to assist you on board. We recommend you contact the company 48 hours before departure to arrange your arrival time, as well as other details, and have a crew member guide you from the terminal.

Important: people with disabilities can travel with guide animals. Animals such as dogs accompanying blind or visually impaired passengers travel at no additional cost.

Guide dog accompanying visually impaired ferry passenger while disembarking

Guide dog accompanying their visually impaired friend while disembarking the ferry


Forgot your book at home and now you are wondering how to pass the time on the ferry? In the ferries’ stores, you will find a wide range of products you can choose from. From books, modern accessories and gadgets, to watches, perfumes, clothes, tobacco products, games, and gifts.

On some ferries, you can also do some gastronomic shopping therapy, as you will find Greek deli goods, spirits, wines, and even Swiss chocolates.

Important: if you have an Anek Superfast member card (Anek Smart/Seasmiles), you are entitled to a 10% discount on certain products.

Restaurants and bars

The trip will work up your appetite, that’s for sure. Whether you are craving a small snack or would rather have a luxury meal of high quality, your options on Adriatic-lines ferries are countless.

Inside the ferry and on the deck, there are bars where you can enjoy coffee, beverages, fresh-squeezed juices, drinks (alcoholic or not), and ice cream. And if you get any night cravings, the good news is most bars on the ferry are open 24 hours.

If you are looking for a more complete gastronomic experience, you can visit the self-service and à-la-carte restaurants on the ferry. At self-service restaurants you can choose among a wide variety of Greek and international cuisine dishes at pretty reasonable prices. At à-la-carte restaurants, chefs create classical or original dishes, that you can combine with the perfect bottle of wine that you can pick from a large wine list.

Important: the ferry company Minoan Lines offers a 10% discount for ferry restaurants to holders of the Minoan Lines Bonus Club member card.

Set table with a view at a ferry restaurant

Breakfast with a sea view

Entertainment and luxury

You had some coffee, you read your book and you’re starting to feel a little bored. On most ferries, you can have fun playing: from slot machines to rooms with video games that will make you feel like a child again, there are numerous options available! Some ferries also have casinos.

If you feel like stretching, most vessels also have pools where you can take a swim. After spending some cool moments, you can do some sunbathing on the deck while enjoying a cocktail. Normally, ferry pools are open only in the summer months, when the weather allows it.

And if you’re a party animal (good for you!), on most ferries there is also a disco where you can practice your dance moves. Have fun listening to the latest hits until early in the morning and enjoy some dancing with a sea view.

If, on the other hand, you are determined to finish that show you have been watching for a long time now, you could purchase a Wi-Fi access card from the ferry reception and relax in front of your laptop.

Important: on Grimaldi Lines ferries, there are especially designed playgrounds where children can play safely.

Sunbeds on a ferry deck en route

Comfortable sunbeds on the ferry deck

Pet accommodation

All the big ferry companies serving routes from Greece to Italy allow pets and have special pet amenities and comforts.

Most ferries have special cabins and kennel facilities for pets. The passengers’ furry friends can walk safely with their guardians on all outside ferry deck areas, as long as they wear a leash and a muzzle, but are not allowed to access inside common areas, restaurants and passenger lounges.

Don’t forget to bring your pet’s passport and updated health certificate with you, and to take care of its safety and hygiene before and during the trip. Some vessels also have special areas for pet hygiene.

Important: as pet cabins are limited, make sure to book one well in advance.

Why travel from Greece to Italy by ferry

If you are still having a hard time deciding whether you should travel from Greece to Italy by car, plane or ferry, maybe it’s good to know that:

  • Driving can be pretty tiring, especially when it’s on roads that you don’t know well.
  • The cost of an Italy - Greece trip by car can be more expensive than by ferry, if you consider the toll and gas expenses.
  • If you travel with your family, you will have to make regular stops along the way, as children get tired easily. It is also kind of hard to keep them busy in the car.
  • The car trip lasts longer, considering the intermediate stops you will have to make. Moreover, if you can’t spend the night somewhere and end up sleeping in the car, it’s possible that your waist won’t be very happy with that.
  • Traveling by ferry also has a smaller carbon footprint compared to traveling by plane or car. Most ferry companies these days apply innovative ecological practices to limit environmental damage.
  • And most of all: traveling by car doesn’t include the comforts and amenities that you could enjoy on a ferry (except the sea view, of course).

Cabin hall on a Greece - Italy ferry

Time to relax in the cabin

What are you waiting for? Traveling from Greece to Italy by ferry has never been easier and more comfortable. And if you take advantage of the early-booking offer for 2024, you can get up to 35% off on your tickets for the Greece - Italy ferry on Ferryhopper!