Fun outdoor activities with your dog in Tenerife

Unleash your adventurous spirit along with your dog in Tenerife!

The Canary Islands are undoubtedly a dog-friendly destination! In fact, they are so dog-friendly that even their name derives from the Latin phrase “canariae insulae,” meaning “islands of dogs.”

Tenerife lives up to the archipelago’s name with a great number of dog-friendly spots! Explore the adventurous outdoor activities, the spacious dog parks and the cool beach activities for the ultimate pet vacation in Tenerife. Are you ready to roll?

A dog on the edge of a cliffside beach in Tenerife, Canaries, Spain

A dog gazing at the deep blue of a rocky beach in Tenerife

Top activities to try with your dog in Tenerife

Tenerife’s outdoor activities include misty jungle-like forests, rocky slopes and deep gorges. 

Want to know more? Great! Let’s leave the pool for one day and discover Tenerife’s most fun outdoor activities with your dog!

Leave your foot and paw prints on the volcanic Teide Mountain

Vacation for you is all about fresh air, endless horizon and limitless fun with your best buddy, right? Then, pack your bags because you and your fluffy friend are going hiking. 

Visit some of the Teide Mountain hiking trails and stretch your legs surrounded by magnificent nature. The lava formations and the volcanic rocks shape the ultimate lunar landscape transporting you to Mars! 

Tip: bear in mind that no pets are allowed on the Teide cable car. Your pooch can wag its tail while enjoying the hiking trail with ease but always on a leash!

Good to know: it is better to consult your veterinarian about the volcanic rock effect on the dog's paws. In any case, you can prepare for the excursion by protecting your friend’s paws with pads.

Feel the roughness of tree barks in Anaga Rural Park

What makes the island of Tenerife so special is its diverse landscapes. After you visit the volcanic landscape of Teide Mountain, the compass points north!

The constantly changing textures and tones of the Anaga Rural Park’s nature invite you and your furry friend to another adventure! The enchanted laurel forest lures you in for running, jumping and playing with the tangled trunks!

Solve the mystery of the Güímar Pyramids

Dogs are more than welcome in one of the largest and most pet-friendly attractions in Tenerife! In the Ethnographic Park of Tenerife, you will find an auditorium, sustainable botanical gardens and lava-stone pyramids

Wait…what? Pyramids in Tenerife? Oh, yes! They are veiled in mystery as there are only theories about how, why and who made them. If you and your bestie are anything like Tintin and Snowy, then you have a mystery to solve!

So, walk along with your dog around the gardens on the botanic route, explore the Canary Palms, the spiky Dragon Tree and more! 

Tip: there is a spacious picnic area where you can enjoy a relaxing lunch after exploring the outdoor routes.

Discover the pet-friendly natural pools of Tenerife

Wet your fur in the natural pool of Jóver located on the coast of Tejina in La Laguna. It is a quiet local spot with relaxing vibes! 

This small cozy natural pool is ideal for wilderness lovers offering an amazing view of the lighthouse of Punta del Hidalgo beach. 

Tip: there are a few bars and restaurants nearby. However, they are not all pet-friendly. So, it is better to bring your own food and drinks, if you plan to stay for hours.

A dog standing between the tree trunks of Anaga forest in Tenerife

An adventurous dog strolling around the tangled trees of Anaga forest

Play with your bestie in the dog parks of Tenerife

In the last few years, there has been an impressive development regarding pet-friendly places in Tenerife. The island offers a lot of dog parks where your pup can enjoy endless activities and games! Are you interested?

Find the best pet-friendly parks for high-spirited dogs in Tenerife below:

  • El Montillo: the park of Montillo in La Matanza is one of the most modern, pet-friendly places on the island and it's ideal for meeting new furry friends
  • La Granja: if you are staying in Santa Cruz, then the park of La Granja is great for you as it is located in the city center and has a cozy play area for pets.
  • Ana Bautista: a new dog park was inaugurated in 2021 in the capital of Tenerife, too. It is a beautifully made large space with an agility course, among other elements for dog fun activities. 
  • Las Delicias: the second-biggest dog park in Santa Cruz is the perfect spot for canine playdates

A training park for dogs in Tenerife

A park for dogs in Tenerife

Hit the beach with your dog in Tenerife

We know what you’re thinking! Of course, the hiking trails, the strolls in the botanic routes, and the wonderful pet-friendly parks are all great! But is it really a vacation without splashing in the water with your dog? 

The Canary Islands have many dog-friendly beaches and Tenerife is no exception. From north to south, Tenerife has many dog-friendly beaches where the sea is involved! Explore most of these pet-hospitable spots along with all the fun activities for your dog: 

  • El Puertito beach: your doggo can let off steam on El Puertito beach, also known as Güimar, the first dog beach on the island of Tenerife! It is a beautiful beach with dark sand, ideal for fetch games with a frisbee or a ball.
  • El Confital beach (El Horno): it is a quiet beach with dark sand, revealing its volcanic origin! The long coastline is just perfect for digging games! Burry an object in the sand and let your dog sniff around and dig up the hidden treasure.
  • El Cabezo beach: if you love to sup and love your pup, the surfy vibes of the beach call for you! Ride on your stand-up paddleboard with your dog and enjoy another fun activity together!

Tip: sup is an activity that requires preparation ahead. You should give your dog some time to get familiar with the paddleboard and the lifejacket.

Good to Know: you may need your own paddleboard as every water sports center’s policy differs. 

A dog with his yellow frisbee on the crystal-water beach in Tenerife

A dog playing frisbee along the turquoise coast in Tenerife

Useful tips for holidays with your dog in Tenerife

Here, you can find all the must-know tips and tricks for the ultimate holidays with your dog in Tenerife: 

  • Accommodation: choose apartments over pet-friendly hotels as they are usually more spacious and comfortable. Puerto de la Cruz or Playa de las Americas are just the spots for the ideal pleasant stay with your doggie!
  • Weather Conditions: the average temperature in Tenerife is 23°C all year round, but these temperatures can still affect your dog. Make sure that your friend is sun-protected and always hydrated with lots of water!
  • Health Issues: dogs should be microchipped and have a health certificate confirming that they are vaccinated. 
  • Transportation: animals are not allowed on public transport in Tenerife and taxis may not carry dogs. It is recommended to book a rental car and travel with your loyal friend with ease.

Tip: a blanket to cover the back seat of the rental car is handy! It will save you time when removing the hair before handing over the car.

Book pet tickets for ferries in Spain

So, now you’re all set for a comfortable trip with your dog in Tenerife! Check all the available connections from and to Tenerife on Ferryhopper, book cheap ferry tickets and see you on the ferry!

Tip: before getting on board, make sure that you know all the information about pet-friendly ferries and the latest ferry timetables for Spain!