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General info

Mediterranea Pitiusa is a Spanish ferry company, founded in 2000 and serving the Ibiza - Formentera ferry connection. The goal of the company is to transport travelers, comfortably and safely, to the Balearic Islands.

Mediterranean Pitiusa fleet

The fleet of Mediterranea Pitiusa consists of 4 speedboats, operating the route Ibiza - Formentera, which cover the route in less than half an hour! The ferries of the fleet of Mediterranea Pitiusa belong to the category Fast Ferries or Super Fast Ferries.

Mediterranea Pitiusa discounts & offers 

The ferry company Mediterranea Pitiusa serves various types of tickets with special discounts for students, large families, permanent residents etc. There is also a reduced fare if you book your ferry ticket along with a vehicle rental. 

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Special amenities & facilities

Mediterranea Pitiusa has additional facilities for people with disabilities such as cabins or wheelchairs, while also having specially designed infrastructure for pets. Finally, the company implements innovative environmental practices to reduce the environmental burden and enhance sustainability.

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Terms & cancellation policy


FIRST: The use of the transport ticket implies acceptance of these general conditions. It is understood by transport title: Ticket: refers to the valid printed and / or electronic document that gives the right to travel on the ship, issued by the Company or by an authorized agent. Boarding pass: means the online document issued or authorized by the Company or by its authorized agent printed for the passenger or on their own prior to transportation. The registered transport ticket is personal and non-transferable and its use by a person other than the holder or holder will give rise to the responsibilities provided for in the laws. The holder or holder of the transport certificate is responsible for the veracity of the data provided to obtain it and that appear in it. Only people with a valid transport document (ticket and / or boarding pass) will board. The passenger must have the documentation required by current regulations, the display of which may be required by the Company's staff in order to verify compliance with said regulations.
SECOND: The holder or holder of the valid transport certificate has the right to be transported by the Company on the route indicated therein, as well as their personal luggage up to a maximum of 20 kg per person and a small piece of hand luggage such as personal accessory in addition to luggage (this accessory can be one of those listed below: briefcase or ladies' purse or backpack or small purse or laptop; in addition, if you travel with a baby, a baby bag with food will be allowed, drink and items necessary for the journey). Surcharge rate may be applied to excess baggage according to the commercial policy in force at the time of the journey. The luggage will be transported at the ship's premises indicated by the Company. The Company declines all responsibility for the transportation of valuable objects.
THIRD: The holder or holder of the valid transport document, during the transport, is covered by the Mandatory Travel Insurance. The passenger must behave in accordance with the security and police regulations, both general and of the ship, the Company not being liable for damages or losses caused directly or exclusively by compliance with the rules, rules and orders of the competent authorities or of the recklessness of the passenger or breach of the indicated rules.
FOURTH: BASIC RATE: It is possible to modify the reservation (only the date and time) up to 48 hours before the date of the trip, with an additional charge of € 10 for each adult. For changes, contact [email protected] It is not possible to cancel the reservation. OPTIMAL RATE: It is possible to modify the reservation only once (only date and time) up to 24 hours before the date of the trip, without any additional charge. The second modification would carry an additional charge of € 10 for each adult. It is possible to cancel the reservation up to 24 hours before the travel date and 90% of the cost of the unused ticket is refunded, if applicable; however, the amount of the ticket is not refunded in case of cancellation within 24 hours prior to the date of travel. Likewise, in the event of modification as indicated in the previous paragraph,
FIFTH: The price of transport does not include food or drinks on board.
SIXTH: The Company undertakes to make every effort to transport the passenger and luggage comfortably, always acting with reasonable diligence. The hours indicated in the schedules or in any other part are not guaranteed or form part of the contract. In case of need, the Company may replace the ship assigned to that trip and / or vary both the schedule and the dates of the trip, in which case the traveler will only have the right to either a refund of the price or to have a new one reservation on the first or subsequent dates or times, at the traveler's choice, in which there are free places. The schedules and itineraries may suffer variations due to breakdowns, acts of God or force majeure. In such cases, The Company will adopt the reasonable measures under its control to inform the affected passengers of said variations. In case of need, the Company can be replaced by another carrier.
SEVENTH: In general, any reservation or ticket with a date and time (Closed Hours, Offer, or Low Cost Rate, for conventional services under any denomination) will serve, solely and exclusively for the date and time indicated, being necessary to make a reservation change or ticket to be able to use said title at another time or day, unless otherwise stipulated in the particular conditions of each of the rates. Surcharge rates may be applied to changes, according to the commercial policy in force at the time of the journey, depending on the type of transport and / or rate in question.
EIGHTH: No claim will be accepted that is not accompanied by the valid ticket or boarding pass that remains in the possession of the passenger, accepting all the conditions that appear in them or to which they are sent for the sole fact of having been used as a ticket transport. In addition, any claim will be formalized in writing, and must be presented on the ship or at the Company's offices during or at the end of the voyage. It can also be sent by email, along with all the information, to the following address: [email protected]
NINTH: Regarding the damages suffered by the luggage, the Company only responds up to the maximum amount that, at any time, the maritime regulations stipulate per package. Likewise, the Company is not responsible in cases of forgetfulness or loss of the packages or luggage of the passengers.
TENTH: Unless other time limits are shown on the transport ticket, as a general rule, passengers must be ready for boarding at least 5 minutes before the ship leaves. Said time is understood as the deadline time for boarding acceptance, that is, the minimum time necessary in advance to the official scheduled departure time indicated on the transport ticket, before which time the passenger must have been admitted to boarding and be in possession of said title; After this time limit, the shipment will be closed. In any of the situations of not meeting the aforementioned deadlines for any reason beyond the Company's control, passengers will automatically lose their reservation and the Company will not incur any responsibility for the passenger's non-acceptance of boarding. Who will not be entitled to a refund of the amount of the transport ticket. In this sense, the Company will not be responsible if the passenger loses any service as a result of being late, it will not be obliged or to delay any service in order to wait for the arrival of the passenger, or to provide a seat in another service if the passenger loses the transport. The Company will not be responsible in the event of loss or theft of the transport tickets and will not be obliged to replace or reissue them or to refund the amount paid. The Company may refuse to transport any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or whose behavior is considered a threat to the captain, crew or other passengers.
ELEVENTH: To board each person must present the valid transport document, the Company being able to verify the identity of the person whose name appears in it as well as their personal circumstances as appropriate through the corresponding personal documentation in force corresponding to the passenger, regardless of the verification that can be carried out by the Administration in its case.
TWELFTH: No agent, employee or representative of the Company shall have the authority to alter, modify or waive any of the provisions of this contract unless they have the power or mandate to make decisions with consequences for the Company in the capacity of their position. Exclusion or limitation of liability of the Company will apply and benefit its agents, employees and representatives and any person or entity whose vessel the Company uses for transportation and its agents, employees and representatives.
THIRTEENTH: In accordance with the applicable legal conditions, the transport of domestic animals will be carried out exclusively in the spaces of the vessels enabled for this purpose, except in the cases of people with visual impairments who may be accompanied by their guide dogs, always in accordance to its specific regulations; in that case, the passenger must be provided with the documents that prove their right and the animal certificates, prescribed by the Health Authorities. The custody and maintenance of them during their stay on board will be the responsibility of their owners.
FOURTEENTH: The general conditions of transport may be affected by the particular conditions of the rates or offers. The holder of the transport ticket or passenger must make sure that they know the particular conditions of the contracted rate.


It is possible to cancel the reservation up to 24 hours before the travel date and 90% of the cost of the unused ticket is refunded, if applicable; however, the amount of the ticket is not refunded in case of cancellation within 24 hours prior to the date of travel.