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Ferry tickets from Lafasi

Lafasi is a greek ferry company operating in the Dodecanese and based in Kalymnos. Its goal is to cover the needs of ferry itineraries between the islands of the complex and the Turkish coast, with consistency and safety.

Lafasi operates 2 ferry lines served by 2 speedboats: Apollon II and Elias T. The first concerns the ferry connection of Kalymnos with the island of Kos through the port of Mastichari. The second concerns the ferry route from the main port of Kos to Bodrum, on the east coast of Turkey.

The company's ferries have space for a limited number of vehicles, while at the same time the transport of pets is allowed under certain conditions. Moreover, the company is committed that both the ferries and the company's staff operate with the protection of the environment and sustainability in mind.

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