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How to track my ferry on the Ferryhopper App

Easy real-time tracking for a smooth trip!

Tracking your ferry is the next step towards a smooth and hassle-free trip in Greece! After booking your cheap ferry tickets on Ferryhopper, you can get useful information about your itinerary in real time for most ferry companies traveling to the Greek islands.

Sounds exciting, right? Learn how to benefit from our new feature and get ready for the ultimate ferry experience!

Interactive ferry tracking map

Locate your ferry live on the app!

What is Ferryhopper’ live ferry tracking?

Our brand new feature allows you to track your ferry in the app on the day of your trip. That way you are always in the know about the location of your ferry on the map and you get access to useful information about route and itinerary updates.

By retrieving your booking on the Ferryhopper App you can see your ship location for free on the day of traveling both before and during your trip.

You see ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and itinerary updates, delay times, live info about arrival and departure times, as well as the speed of your vessel.

See how to use Ferryhopper’s real-time ferry tracking map below.

Live ferry tracking app feature

Ferry route updates on the Ferryhopper App

How to use real-time ferry tracking on the Ferryhopper App?

Using the Ferryhopper App to locate your ferry on the interactive map is simple and fun! By following the steps below, you can make the most of your booking with Ferryhopper and leave all your troubles behind even if there’s a delay on your itinerary. 

See how to access Ferryhopper’s real-time tracking for your ferry:

  1. Book your ferry tickets in Greece on the Ferryhopper App or the website.
  2. Access your booking on the Ferryhopper App on the day of your trip. Bear in mind that return trips appear as two separate bookings in the app. If you have booked through the website, you can easily retrieve your booking in the app with your Ferryhopper Code by tapping on “My bookings”.
  3. Once you see your trip in the “Upcoming trips” tab, tap on your booking.
  4. Under “Trip details” you will see the option to “Track your ferry”. Come on, tap on it!
  5. Once you do, a map appears with real-time location and itinerary information about your vessel.
  6. Enjoy!

Steps followed to track your ferry on the Ferryhopper App

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