Flexi: new booking modification service on Ferryhopper

Change plans, change ferries!

Something’s changed in your travel plans? No worries! When life gives you… Flexi, you can adjust your ferry booking to any unexpected twists and turns.

Discover Flexi, Ferryhopper’s new booking-modification service. Make any changes you wish to your ferry trip with zero change fees, and travel on your own terms!

How does Flexi work on Ferryhopper?

Flexi is a service that adds flexibility to your bookings on Ferryhopper and the Ferryhopper App. You can add it at a small fee while booking your ferry tickets (step “Passengers”).

By going Flexi, you can practically make any change you want to your ferry trip(s), without limitations. Moreover, you can choose a new:

  • Travel date and time
  • Ferry operator
  • Destination and/or departure port

You can even make changes in passenger names or other trip details.

Note: in case the new trip is more expensive, you might have to cover the price difference.

Tip: we recommend making modification requests at least 2 days before your booked trip, as last-minute changes are subject to availability, especially in high season. The modification is guaranteed if you put in your request at least 48 hours before the trip.

Travel at your own pace

Maybe you want to spend 2 extra days on that magical island before hopping to the next one. Maybe you want to switch to a high-speed ferry for your trip so you can reach your next destination faster. Or maybe something came up and you need to postpone your trip for a while.

Whatever the case, going Flexi means you go stress-free!

Change your booking hassle-free

Need to change your trip, but you’re worried about ferry availability? Relax, and we’ll do the math for you!

If you’ve picked Flexi, our Customer Service Team will help you find the crossing and company that suits you best on the date you choose for your rescheduled trip.

Screen from booking path on Ferryhopper: click on Flexi option

Add flexibility to your ferry booking and avoid change fees

Stress: off.❌ Freedom and flexibility: on!✅ Go Flexi-ble with your next ferry booking, so all you have to think about is your dreamy holidays!