New Tallink Silja Line vessel MyStar: top-tier amenities

Travel like a star!

Tallink Silja Line introduces its new innovative vessel, My Star, operating daily on the Helsinki - Tallinn route. With ferry tickets starting at €32, you can now enjoy the nicest 2-hour cruise on the brightest star of the Baltic Sea!

On MyStar, you can enjoy first-class opportunities for relaxation, spend quality time with friends and family, and even work. From premium lounges to sophisticated restaurants and bars, and from lux cabins to hip shops, prepare to get seriously spoiled on your Tallinn - Helsinki cruise! Discover all MyStar amenities:

The harbor and city of Tallinn in Estonia

The Tallinn city harbor: where your journey begins!

MyStar: travel classes and lounges

Every MyStar passenger has a right to enjoy the ferry’s special comforts. You can pick one of these 4 travel classes, each one with their own lounge, based on your needs: 

  • Star Class: with various seating and dining options.
  • Comfort Lounge: a peaceful and more private option.
  • Business Lounge: it’s your perfect option if you are traveling for work. It is a quiet, stylish and modern office with Wi-Fi and a sea view, where you can concentrate. And when it’s time to relax, there’s a wide range of dishes to try and a cocktail bar for your break.
  • Platinum Lounge: it is super luxurious and private. With only 6 seats, it takes the cruise experience to a new level. Chill in a comfortable armchair and sip a glass of Dom Perignon, pick your favorite dish from the à la carte menu of the ferry’s gourmet restaurant, and let the crew organize an exclusive shopping experience just for you and have your goods taken to your car.

A real on-board garden

Have you ever been in a garden on the sea? Climb up to the 9th deck, at the ferry’s stern, and you will be amazed: Tallink Silja Line's MyStar has an actual floating garden!

In the warm and welcoming Garden, you can feel closer to the sea and enjoy the fresh breeze, while sipping a cool drink. As for its design, it is based on wood and is extremely modern and atmospheric.

Classy restaurants, bars and cafés

Dining on MyStar is more than an option: it’s an unforgettable experience. Foodies will adore The Chef’s Kitchen on deck 9. There, you can enjoy dishes specially designed by the Tallink Silja Line chefs and a first-class vibe thanks to the minimalist yet classy decor.

The Chef’s Kitchen is not the only restaurant on board. Family Picnic is your ideal dining space if you are traveling with the kids. It has a family-friendly menu and is a cozy space where you can all spend quality time together. Then again, if you want to experiment and mix it up, the Delight Buffet is waiting for you on deck 9 with a large selection of classic and modern dishes, drinks and beverages. Tip: definitely try the buffet’s awesome shrimps!

Maybe you want to chill and have a drink or two? Head to the beautifully designed Nordic Bar. The bartenders’ cocktails will put you in the perfect mood!

Restaurant table with glasses and menus on a Tallink Silja Line ferry

The fabulous dining atmosphere on a Tallink Silja Line ferry

On-board shopping areas

Feeling like spending a good part of your Helsinki - Tallinn ferry trip shopping? You are in the right place. On Tallink Silja Line's MyStar, there is a special pop-up area, the Promotional Area, where you can choose among various brands: beauty, food, beverage and technology companies showcase their products and there are always new treasures to discover each time you travel.

To expand your options, visit the ferry’s stylish Traveler Superstore on decks 7 and 8. In this floating department store you will find everything you need when it comes to fashion and beauty, foods and beverages. From classic brands to local and sustainable products, you have a lot to explore! And, of course, there’s a large selection of spirits and wines for your collection.

Department store with many brands on a Tallink Silja Line ferry

Spacious store with a large selection of brands on a Tallink Silja Line ferry

Comfortable cabins and suites

If you wish, you can spend your 2-hour trip in a comfortable cabin. On MyStar, there are A-class cabins with a window and B-class cabins without a window, hosting 2 or 4 passengers. All cabins are equipped with a toilet and a shower.

If you are traveling with a child, you can order an extra bed at no extra charge. There are also special pet-friendly cabins, cabins for people with disabilities and passengers suffering from allergies, as well cabins including a writing desk. 

And for traveling between Tallinn and Helsinki most elegantly, book the suite cabin. Modern, calm, spacious, and bright, it feels like a real retreat in the middle of the Baltic Sea. With a double bed, a minibar, high-speed internet, and an amazing sea view from the 10th deck, a 2-hour stay in this cozy suite will feel like an early vacation!

Vehicle transfer

Naturally, MyStar allows you to transfer your motor vehicle between Finland and Estonia, so that you can explore the destination of your choice at your own pace, more independently! As MyStar is spacious enough to even accommodate cargo units, your own personal vehicle will be in good hands!

We advise, however, that you book your vehicle tickets well in advance, as availability may be limited for this ferry route, especially during the high-season months.

Double bed and living room with elegant design in a Tallink Silja Line ferry suite

The super stylish and classy suites on Tallink Silja Line ferries

On board Tallink Silja Line's innovative new vessel, the ferry ride is an opportunity to treat yourself with some comfort and luxury, and leave everything behind, even if you are traveling for work. Book ferry tickets online starting at €32 for MyStar and experience the Helsinki - Tallinn trip like a true holiday!