Covid-19 and ferry travel between Spain and Morocco

Plan a safe and comfortable trip to Morocco from Spain

Do I need a Covid-19 test to catch a ferry to Morocco from Spain? What health documents do I need to travel to Morocco by sea in 2023? If these questions nagging at you about your ferry trip to Morocco read below to find the latest updates on coronavirus and ferry travel between Spain and Morocco.

Learn about the 2023 ferry travel measures and health protocols for your entry to Morocco from Spain and travel hassle-free:

The beach at the city of Tangier in Morocco

The large beach and city of Tangier in north Morocco

Can I travel from Spain to Morocco by ferry?

Yes, yes! Since April 2022, ferries to Morocco from Spain are back in operation. So, now is the time to finally take that ferry trip you were talking about with your friends!

What health documents do I need for a ferry trip from Spain to Morocco?

The health restrictions (PCR or Vaccinal Pass) that were once required for entrance to Moroccan territory from Spain are now lifted. Therefore, it is no longer required to fill out a health form for your ferry trip to Morocco from Spain. 

Tip: from April 5th, 2023, Morocco has officially reopened its borders to visitors from China, following the lifting of access restrictions put in place in December 2022.

Apart from Covid-19, do I need to get another vaccine to visit Morocco from Spain?

Apart from universal vaccinations (tetanus, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, hepatitis B), no additional vaccination is required to visit Morocco from Spain.

However, some vaccines are useful for your protection as a tourist. In case of extended stays in rural areas, it is strongly recommended to be vaccinated against rabies.

In case of a medical emergency, you can call the single Morocco toll-free number “141”.

The Kasbah of the Udayas fortress in Rabat, Morocco

The Kasbah of the Udayas fortress in Rabat, Morocco's capital

What health documents do I need to travel from Morocco to Spain by ferry?

It is no longer required to present any health documents such as a health form or a negative PCR test. Therefore, it is easy to hop on the ferry to Spain from Morocco hassle-free and enjoy the ferry trip to the beautiful country of tapas and Flamenco!

Are there any Covid-19 measures in Morocco?

Even though most Covid-19 measures are lifted, it is still required to wear a face mask in Morocco in some public places such as museums, cafés, and restaurants as tourist services have adopted measures to guarantee you a safe stay.

Useful information: before taking the ferry trip to Spain from Morocco, you can always check the latest updates on Covid-19 and ferry travel in Spain.

The city of Casablanca in west Morocco at dusk

The impressive city of Casablanca in west Morocco at dusk

Where to find more information about traveling in Morocco and Covid-19?

For more information on traveling and coronavirus, you can have a look at our FAQ page, contact the ferry company serving your route, get acquainted with the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, and visit the Moroccan National Tourism Office website for all queries related to the coronavirus situation in Morocco.

So, are you finally taking the ferry trip to Morocco from Spain? Yes, the one that you were planning with your friends since before Covid-19. Find all ferry routes and info for your Spain - Morocco trip and book ferry tickets online on Ferryhopper.