Volcanic vacation in the Greek islands

The most spectacular holidays of all!

The beauty of the Greek islands is not limited to crystal-clear waters, quaint architecture and lush vegetation. From the Cyclades to the Saronic Gulf, there are plenty of otherworldly volcanic formations for you to explore. Volcanic islets and villages formed by past eruptions are the hidden gems of the Mediterranean Sea.

So, if you are looking for something to remember for many years to come, something to brag about to your friends, consider planning a vacation across the South Aegean Volcanic Arc, which includes Santorini, Milos, Nisyros and Methana.

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Houses on the caldera of Santorini

The volcanic beauty of Santorini's caldera

Santorini: volcanic paradise

Santorini wouldn’t be the same without its volcanic origins. On the island, you can find stunning beaches with red and black sand, enjoy warm waters and explore its stunning caldera. You can even try out water sports close to Nea Kameni, an islet that was formed after a volcanic eruption in medieval times. If water sports aren’t your thing, you can join a relaxing water cruise and admire Nea Kameni and other neighboring volcanic formations at your leisure.

You can also admire beautiful views of the islet from Fira, the main settlement and nightlife hotspot of Santorini. Relaxation does not stop there, as you can recharge your batteries at the thermal springs on Palea Kameni!

Every corner of Santorini echoes its past, filling the island with dark beauty and rock formations that create a dreamy atmosphere. Each moment spent there is enriched by breathtaking views, especially at sunset.

Nisyros: volcanic sightseeing

Despite its small size, the volcanic island of Nisyros has much to be proud of. The most important of all, however, is its visitable volcano! You can walk to the central crater, Stefanos, found on the caldera, in the middle of Nisyros. There, you can enjoy beautiful views and admire unique rock formations. For a panoramic sight of the volcano, head to the quaint village of Nikia!

Don’t forget to visit some of the island’s numerous volcanic beaches, filled with dark sand and black pebbles. Lastly, for lovers of cultural sightseeing, make sure to visit the Volcanological Museum of Nisyros to better understand the history and morphology of the island.

A huge crater surrounded by verdant hills in Nisyros

Impressive crater surrounded by verdant hills in Nisyros

Milos: stone-cold beauty

Romantic, lunar, dreamy, and volcanic... these are some of the most common words used to describe the heavenly place that is Milos. What sets Milos apart from other volcanic islands is that you can freely explore its beauty combining outdoor and water activities. You can discover its rocky beaches while hiking and then admire the island’s underwater secrets by snorkeling and diving.

There are around 10 hiking trails in Milos, a perfect introduction to its volcanic highlights. Numerous buildings, and even accommodation options, are built inside volcanic rocks, all while retaining the traditional Cycladic architecture. What more could you ask for?

Rocky volcanic beach in Milos at sunset

Majestic lunar landscapes in Milos

Methana: hot springs and relaxation

Commonly mistaken for an island, Methana is a peninsula in the Peloponnese and a relaxing holiday destination close to Athens. This location is slightly different from the rest, as volcanic landscapes coexist with lush vegetation, creating an interesting mix.

Thanks to its volcanic activity, Methana has it all, whether you’re looking to chill out or do some exciting hiking. We recommend going to one of the peninsula’s thermal springs to relax, and then visiting the quiet beach of Agios Nikolaos with its remarkable volcanic stones.

Most importantly, make sure to visit the volcano in Kameni Chora and enjoy beautiful panoramic views. You can easily get there by walking through the woods for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Anchored boats at the port of Methana

The quaint port of Methana

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