5 reasons to visit the Greek islands off-season

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Every summer, Greece is known around the world for its vibrant islands, which provide tourists with one-of-a-kind experiences in the hot sun and sea. However, some people also enjoy winter trips to the Greek Islands. We probably know what you're thinking; is it a good idea to visit the islands during fall and winter? 

Well, the Ferryhopper team is here to present you with 5 reasons why you should visit the Greek islands off-season. Take a look! 

Here are our top 5 reasons for visiting the Greek islands off-season:

Autumn landscape in Skiathos

A village in Skiathos under the autumn sun

Spend a mild autumn and winter

One of the best things about visiting the Greek Islands is that you can do it any time of the year. The off-season months for Greece are actually quite mild, with temperatures that don't drop very low. There are even days when it doesn't rain at all!

Greece has a Mediterranean climate, which means that there are both dry winters and dry summers. Bear in mind that the weather is mostly sunny throughout the year.

Tip: are you ready to choose the island for your winter getaway? Then, check out the Greek islands with a warmer climate to visit during the winter.

A sunny day in Naxos, Greece

The port of Naxos on a sunny winter day

Discover the authentic, less crowded side of the islands

When you visit the Greek Islands in the off-season, you’ll discover the genuine side of the islands. It’s a great opportunity to blend in with the locals and get an authentic taste of Greek life. In fact, we think that they'll be happy to show you around or drink a cup of coffee with you.

Remember that many restaurants, hotels, and facilities are closed during this time, but there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself.

Tip: most tourist destinations offer some form of accommodation at discounted rates during the off-season months. 

Greek restaurant in Corfu with white table and chairs

A Greek restaurant in a village in Corfu is waiting for the summer to come

Taste the seasonal delicacies of Greek cuisine

Greece offers a wide range of traditional dishes and sweets, not only during summer but also during winter. 

In the off-season, Greece offers you the chance to truly experience what Greek cuisine means. Taste the traditional winter dishes, soups of all kinds, Christmas sweets such as melomakarona (biscuits with honey) and kourambiedes (biscuits with almonds)and all other delicacies.

Tip: don't leave the islands before tasting Greece's national dish, fasolada (bean soup). It's made with white beans and tomatoes, and it's delicious!

The traditional Greek bean soup, fasolada

The delicious fasolada, hot and steamy, is waiting for you

Explore the Greek islands by hiking

Yes! Yes! Yes! There's no better way to explore the Greek islands than on foot. The weather is ideal for hiking and finding hidden corners of the island you're visiting.

Head out on a hiking adventure in Amorgos, with its extensive hiking network, or in Corfu, Crete, or Rhodes. This way, you'll discover forgotten places, villages, and even views. 

Tip: heading to Amorgos? Read our suggestions for the best hiking trails in Amorgos.

Female hiking in Amorgos

Hiking with a view in Amorgos

Feel the ultimate serenity

Unpopular opinion: the islands are at their most beautiful in winter, as the cloudy sky gives a special atmosphere to the scenery. What is more, there are fewer tourists, so you will find yourself alone in some places and able to enjoy a more relaxed pace at your rhythm.

Have you ever thought about visiting archaeological sites in the winter? Well, now is the time, as you'll feel like the owner of the place as there will be very few people visiting at that time. 

Finally, we suggest going to the top of a hill for some extra peaceful moments.

Cat enjoying her peace in winter in a Greek island

No one disturbs a cat during the off-season

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