Spotify playlists for your trip to Italy

A great trip deserves a great soundtrack!

Sometimes we all wished to have a soundtrack playing in the background when going through our day. And this is particularly true when traveling, ferry trips included!

Indeed, the sound of waves and seagulls may not be enough, especially during long crossing.

For a original soundtrack, though, you can count on our super playlist: a selection of tunes to listen to nonstop from the time you take your first sip of coffee in the ship's lounge, to your after-dinner drink on the deck under the stars.

Download Ferryhopper playlist on Spotify and get carried away by the (musical) waves!

Cappuccino music to get off to a great start

Leaving early in the morning can be difficult...we know! But with the right charge you can enjoy your breakfast and start thinking about the first thing you will do once you reach your destination.

Here are the tracks to start your journey off right!

Download the playlist

Aperitif rhythms to enjoy the sunset

What’s better than a beautiful sunset on the deck of the ship? Between music, drinks and some appetizers you can enjoy your special golden hour while crossing the sea.

Listen to the playlist we have prepared for you!

Discover the tracks

Magical nights with music and waves

You’re traveling with a night ferry and you’ll get to destination only the next day? The best way to relax is to listen to good music and think that you will have all night to rest. Start by looking at the stars and listening to our most beautiful tracks!

Your evening discovering Italian classics and modern tunes can begin.

Check out the playlist on Spotify

Friends taking a selfie on the ship

Fun moments with friends on the ferry

Music, headphones and a great desire to sail away: now your adventure in Italy can begin!

Plan your trip on Ferryhopper and book online your ferry tickets in just a few clicks!

And remember, the most important thing is the journey and not the destination!