Winter holidays in Mallorca: off-season guide and tips

Breezy gateway to Mallorca

Interested in winter holidays in the Balearic Islands? Head to Mallorca, the largest of the Balearics and one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. The island is less packed than in high season, and you can enjoy quieter activities and breezy days under the winter sun.

On Ferryhopper, you can find the best tips about winter holidays in Mallorca, including recommendations about what to do and see there. Browse all the ways to get there, plan some exciting island hopping and book ferry tickets to Mallorca hassle-free!

Almond trees blooming in a Mallorca garden

Almond trees blooming in early February in Mallorca

Winter holidays in Mallorca

Traveling during the winter months is ideal for off-the-beaten-path holidays in Mallorca, exploring the island in a calmer setting.

In winter, the weather conditions of Mallorca allow you to relax by the beach, hike through the island’s villages and spend your days in shopping centers and wellness retreats. Throughout the day, the winter sun still reigns supreme, but the temperature drops at night, so make sure to pack some heavier clothes! You can expect around 7 hours of sunshine on average.

As for the rain, most days of the month are free of such inconveniences! On average, you can expect 6-8 rainy days, depending on the month. There are still plenty of things to do on rainy days, so keep reading to discover the best of Mallorca in the winter.

Where to stay in Mallorca

Let’s begin with your starting point in Mallorca. Accommodation options in Mallorca are countless and come in all flavors. There aren’t as many tourists visiting as in high season, so you can sometimes find cheaper solutions.

Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital and port, is an ideal location to stay during your winter holidays. Every visitor amenity and entertainment option is within walking distance. Alleys are quieter and less crowded, filling your days with breezy tranquility.

Alternatively, head to one of Mallorca’s numerous villages and holiday resorts for a more relaxing scenery. We recommend checking out Selva, a scenic village at the foothills of Serra de Tramuntana. It’s the best way to connect with nature and get in the right mood for holidays in winter.

Carefree sightseeing and exploring

We’ve all been there, waiting for hours outside of a beautiful cathedral, museum or temple, just to get a sneak peek of it. During winter in Mallorca, that changes. No more overcrowded attractions and traffic jams on the streets.

The imposing Palma Cathedral in the capital awaits you as soon as you arrive in Mallorca. What about museums? In Palma, you can also discover the contemporary art museum of Es Baluard and the museum of Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, dedicated to the artist Joan Miró.

If you wish to travel to other locations or beaches with your own car or a rented one, you can expect almost no traffic! Explore every village and remote attraction easily and conveniently. Do not miss out on the old town of Alcúdia with the Cathedral-Basilica de Santa Maria de Mallorca. Apart from the attractions, check out nearby beaches, such as the Alcúdia beach and the bay of Puerto Pollensa.

Cloudy sunset at the Port d'Andratx, Mallorca

Beautiful cloudy sunset at the Port d'Andratx in Mallorca

Hiking in Mallorca in winter

As long as you wear comfy shoes and some warm clothes, Mallorca offers majestic views and settings when hiking in the winter months. Cloudy skies hanging above tall trees and mountains are ideal for lovers of nature and photography. Make sure to charge your camera or phone and get ready for amazing views of the sea and the sunset.

One of the most popular hiking trails is the Dry Stone Route (Ruta de la Pedra en Sec) in the Tramuntana mountains, where the village of Selva is located. Another option is the hiking trail of La Victoria, close to the old town of Alcúdia and full of idyllic sea views!

Now, if you wish to combine hiking with bird watching, check out the natural reserve of S'Albufera de Mallorca. There, you can walk among beautiful lakes and canals, and admire the site’s unique biodiversity.

Christmas in Mallorca

Spain knows how to celebrate Christmas in style, and Mallorca is not an exception. From Christmas and New Year, you can find plenty of festivities, local markets and beautiful decorations. The capital of Mallorca during Christmas is a true attraction on its own!

Another exciting tradition is the arrival of The Three Kings, which takes place on the eve of Epiphany in early January. Look out for unique celebrations across all towns and villages of Mallorca!

And as it's the Christmas season, shopping is a must! Keep reading for detailed shopping tips in Mallorca.

Winter shopping in Mallorca

On rainy days, grab your umbrella and walk to the nearest shopping center, department store or local market for some exciting shopping therapy. The most popular shopping hotspots are located in Palma de Mallorca.

Paseo del Borne, known as the “golden mile of Palma”, is one of the most popular shopping streets in the capital of Mallorca. You can find local and international brands, local crafts, and even luxury gifts. Avenida Jaime III is another great street for buying high-quality items of clothing.

Make sure to visit Plaça Major, a vibrant central square that ties most shopping hotspots together. From local markets to unique boutiques, strolling through this square and its many alleys is a must! Head to the Olivar Food Market for traditional delicacies and fresh ingredients. Another highlight is Senza Fine, where you can find gourmet products from Tuscany, Italy. It’s a perfect boutique for foodies (or friends of foodies, who want to do some souvenir shopping).

Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca on a cloudy day

The timeless beauty of the Cathedral de Palma

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