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Formentera is the smallest island of the Balearic complex and is located 19 km south of Ibiza. It is a beautiful, relaxing & hippie destination, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. The only way to travel to Formentera from mainland Spain or Ibiza is by ferry, as there is no airport on the island. The ferry route Ibiza - Formentera is quite popular for daytrips, especially in the summer.

Ibiza-Formentera Ferries

Which are the ferry companies that operate the ferry route Ibiza-Formentera?

There are 4 ferry companies for the ferry route from the port of Ibiza to the port of La Savina in Formentera:

  • Balearia 
  • Trasmapi
  • Mediterranea Pitiusa 
  • Aquabus

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What is the duration of the ferry trip Ibiza - Formentera & how many daily crossings exist?

Thanks to the popularity of this ferry connection, there are many ferry trips in total, provided by all the ferry companies:

  • Balearia: There are over 15 crossings per day during the winter and their number is usually doubled over the summer. The ferry journey is 30 min with high-speed catamarans and 1 hr with conventional ferries.
  • Trasmapi: The ferry company operates more than 10 daily winter routes and in the summer the number of the crossings reaches 25. The ferry trip takes about 30 min.
  • Mediterranea Pitiusa: 15 daily sailings on average run throughout the year - the number changes depending on the month and the season. The duration of the ferry journey ranges from 25 to 45 min, depending on the type of the vessel. 
  • Aquabus: There is 1 daily ferry route operated by Aquabus in the winter and about 8 in the summer. The ferry trip lasts approximately 45-50 min

How much does the ferry ticket for Ibiza-Formentera cost?

The price of the ferry ticket starts from 15 €; there are special discounts and offers for groups of people such as kids, locals, the elderly and youth card owners.

  • Balearia: The ferry ticket for the conventional ferry costs about 18 €, while for high-speed vessels it costs 25 €. Usually, the main discounts Balearia offers are for Balearic locals, large or single-parent families, children, people over 60s and youth card owners. 
  • Trasmapi: The price of the ferry ticket starts from 27 €. However, there are also special discounts for many of the above groups of people, while there is a running offer of free transportation from the airport of Ibiza to its port.
  • Mediterranea Pitiusa: The cost of the ferry ticket is usually 20 € and there are special discounts for groups such as children under 12, people over 60s, large families and locals.
  • Aquabus: This is the low-cost company that operates the ferry route Ibiza-Formentera and the ferry ticket costs 15 €. Children under 12 and locals travel at a reduced fare. 

Tip: If you belong to one of the groups that is entitled to a discount, don’t forget to bring and present the necessary documentation during the embarkation.

Occasionally, special offers are available by the ferry companies. Check Ferryhopper and organize your trip from Ibiza to Formentera, fast and easily!

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What is the ferry ticket policy for the Ibiza - Formentera ferry route?

All ferry companies offering the ferry connection from Ibiza to Formentera, have a cancellation policy and open tickets without a specific return date. If you want to cancel your ferry ticket or learn more details about getting a refund, you can contact the Ferryhopper customer support team via email or at  +30 2109241453.

Can I take my vehicle from Ibiza to Formentera?

The Balearic regional government has recently limited the number of motor vehicles allowed on Formentera, in order to promote sustainable holidays in the Balearic Islands. Consequently, only Balearia and Transmapi can transfer cars or caravans, yet only for a short period during the year. All companies, however, permit the transportation of bicycles or under 125 cc motorbikes to Formentera, free of charge. In any case, Formentera is a small island and can be easily explored without a car, so we encourage you to bring or rent a bike, or even get around on foot. 

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How accessible are the ferries of the Ibiza - Formentera connection?

People with disabilities or requiring special assistance can travel comfortably with most of the ferry companies, as there are dedicated services and trained personnel that are always available to help.

  • Balearia: The vessels of this ferry company have many facilities for people with limited mobility, visual or hearing problems, or even pregnant women. There are amenities such as adapted seats, toilets, wheelchairs and bed cabins. 
  • Trasmapi: The ferry company staff can assist people with disabilities so that they have a pleasant ferry trip. In addition, guide dogs that accompany visually impaired people are allowed for free in the lounge of the ferry, as long as they remain close to their owners.
  • Mediterranea Pitiusa: The ferry company can provide wheelchairs and 2 vessels of their fleet are specially designed for people with reduced mobility. Trained staff will also assist people with disabilities, both during boarding and during the ferry ride. 
  • Aquabus: There is no official mention of services for people recquiring special assistance.

Tip: In the event that you require special assistance, you should contact our customer service team at least 24 hr before departure, to provide information on the assistance that will be needed.

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Can I travel with my pet from Ibiza to Formentera?

All ferry companies let you travel alongside your pet for free. Some of them have special kennels for your dog or you can even bring your cat or reptile cage with you. 

  • Balearia: There are special facilities with cages where you can keep your dog or, if its size permits it, it can stay inside your own cage. However, it is prohibited to let it out in the lounge or on the deck of the ferry.
  • Trasmapi: You can travel with your pet as long as it stays in its cage, as there are no special pet cages on the ferries. Keep in mind that big-sized pets can only travel on the deck and if the weather conditions are bad, they are not allowed to travel at all.
  • Mediterranea Pitiusa: On some vessels, small pets are allowed inside, provided that they stay in their cage. However, you can let your dog walk on the exterior deck if it’s kept on a leash and wears a muzzle. Guide dogs are allowed everywhere on the ferry. 
  • Aquabus: This ferry company allows pet transportation without specific conditions. 

Tip: Some of the ferry companies demand documentation for your pet such as its health card. Don’t forget to contact the Ferryhopper team if you need more details on traveling with your pet.

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Which of the ferry companies operating the ferry route Ibiza - Formentera are eco-friendly?

Nowadays, more and more companies add eco-friendly vessels to their fleet and implement practices that contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.

  • Balearia: This company has an impressive environmental policy as it already owns 4 vessels that use LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) instead of fuel oil, considerably reducing CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the company is gradually replacing ferry engines with more eco-friendly ones and is implementing recycling, plastic reducing and electrical energy-saving practices.
  • Trasmapi: The company participates in the Be Blue Formentera project on sustainability and the protection of the marine environment. They have started manufacturing vessels that are equipped with eco-friendly technologies and recycling or other waste bins. Finally, the company regularly organizes activities like beach cleaning.
  • Mediterranea Pitiusa: There is a late-night crossing connecting Ibiza and Formentera served by Aigües de Formentera, a technologically advanced vessel with eco-friendly engines and lower fuel consumption.
  • Aquabus: There is no mention of their eco-friendly practices from any official source.

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