9+1 essentials for your camping trip

Packing is an art!

Are you planning a camping holiday this summer? Have you picked a destination, but still wondering about the essentials for your camping backpack?

Have a look at our camping packing checklist and get ready for an exciting and relaxing time in Greece!

Green tent in the forest close to the sea

Tent by the beach under pine trees

10 essentials for camping in Greece

Whether you are a camping-lover or you have never camped before, here’s a checklist with the essential equipment, items and accessories that you should bring with you on your camping trip:

  1. Tent: This is perhaps the most obvious element in our list, yet the most essential for shelter and comfort! Choose a lightweight tent and strategically pitch it at a spot that is protected from wind and rain. Also, make sure the ground is as flat as possible. As for positioning, we recommend checking the sunrise direction to set your tent up accordingly, either to wake up with the first morning light or peacefully sleep until later.  
  2. Sleeping bag and mat: The right combination of a sleeping bag and mattress will help you sleep comfortably and stay warm or cool, depending on your travel date. We recommend getting a 3-season sleeping bag that covers a range of temperatures, as well as a lightweight air bed. You can also enhance your comfort levels with an inflatable pillow.
  3. First aid kit: A small first aid kit is essential on a camping trip. Your kit should have insect repellents, bandages, bite and sting cream, hand sanitizer, paracetamol, and antihistamines. Moreover, it is important to have sunscreen with high SPF protection.  
  4. Torch: A camping torch is a useful piece of equipment not only at night, but also when trying to find something inside the tent. We recommend getting a head torch or a pocket torch that is easy to carry and use. You can also use a camping lantern for in-tent lighting.
  5. Rope or strap: Ropes are useful on camping holidays either to set up a washing line or to secure your hammock. Don't forget to bring clothespins unless you enjoy searching for your swimsuit all over the beach.
  6. Cooler or cool-box: A cooler is an easy way to keep drinks or food cold, especially when you camp without electricity. You can fill the cooler with ice-cubes or use a camping fridge that charges through your car’s charger. It may seem like a luxury but trusts us; drinking a cold beer or eating a refreshing peach takes the pleasure of camping to the next level!
  7. Folding chair: A portable folding chair is great to sit comfortably outdoors. Although lying on the beach is relaxing, sitting on a chair can be much cozier. 
  8. Hat: Hats are a necessary accessory on camping holidays, as they protect you from the sun, rain or cold. They also protect you from insects and ticks, and they are a superb solution for a bad hair day.  
  9. Jacket or fleece: A jacket, a fleece or a hoodie is necessary when camping. You can choose the style or insulation depending on your needs and weather. Since we are fans of layering, we suggest packing one hoodie or fleece as well as a windbreaker jacket. 
  10. Bits and bobs: There are a few pieces of equipment and accessories that are useful additions to your camping bag. Here are some suggestions: toothbrush, toothpaste, biodegradable soap, mugs, water bottles, power bank, flip flops, playing cards, and books.

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Ferryhoppers setting up a tent in Greece

Ferryhoppers camping on the beach of Nas in Ikaria

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