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Ferry schedules from Pula to Zadar

Pula Zadar Trip frequency: 2 days per week First trip: 07:00 Last trip: 07:00 Average duration: 4h 45m Price range: 21.24 € - 26.54 €
Zadar Pula Trip frequency: 2 days per week First trip: 16:00 Last trip: 16:00 Average duration: 4h 45m Price range: 21.24 € - 26.54 €
Ferry companies KAPETAN LUKA-KRILO

Is there a ferry from Pula to Zadar?

Yes, there are year-round connections between the Croatian ports of Pula and Zadar. The route is active up to 5 times per week and it is operated by the ferry company of Kapetan Luka - Krilo.

What’s the ferry schedule from Pula to Zadar?

Ferry timetables for the Pula - Zadar are usually fixed, with ferries departing at 07:00 in the morning and arriving at 11:30-11:45.

While the departure times tend to be consistent, ferry availability and frequency may vary depending on the season and the weather conditions. You can browse all departures in real time on Ferryhopper and book ferry tickets step-by-step.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from Pula to Zadar?

The price of a Pula - Zadar ferry ticket starts at around €21, with the final cost depending on the available offers and discounts.


Browse and compare all ferry offers for the Pula - Zadar route on Ferryhopper and book tickets at the lowest prices. Any available offers will be automatically applied as you plan your ferry trip online.


Book lower-cost Pula - Zadar ferry tickets with the age-based discounts of Kapetan Luka - Krilo. Toddlers can travel for free, while children from 3 to 12 years old are entitled to reduced fares (50%).

Ferry Route Info

How long is the ferry ride from Pula to Zadar?

Ferries from Pula to Zadar usually make the crossing in about 4 hr 30 min to 4 hr 45 min.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Pula to Zadar?

Yes, the connections to Zadar from Pula are primarily operated by high-speed catamarans, with the fastest crossing lasting 4 hr 30 min.

What’s the distance between Pula and Zadar?

The distance between Pula and Zadar is around 75 nautical miles (or 138 km), though the direct sailing distance may differ as the itinerary includes 5 stops in total.

Ferry Trip Tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip to Zadar from Pula

Take a look at some of our top travel tips for your ferry trip to Zadar:

  • Pula is a popular mainland port and starting point for island hopping in the Croatian islands. As such, make sure to get there in advance to avoid delays.
  • The Pula - Zadar itinerary includes 5 islands: Unije, Susak, Mali Lošinj, Ilovik, and Silba.
  • Are you visiting from Italy? You can travel by ferry to Pula from the port of Venice. Check out the seasonal ferry route from Venice to Pula here.

Where to take the ferry from Pula to Zadar 

Ferries to Zadar depart regularly from the mainland port of Pula, which is one of the most important ports in Istria. The port offers several amenities to visitors, such as a restaurant, a store and an exchange office. 

Located close to the city center (about 2 km), you can find several shops and restaurants near the pier. The main bus station of Pula is located around 600 m from the catamaran departure point, while Pula Airport is about 9 km away.

Can I travel on the ferry from Pula to Zadar with a car?

The Pula - Zadar ferries do not have garage spaces for the transport of motor vehicles.

Ferry luggage

When traveling between the ports of Pula and Zadar with Kapetan Luka - Krilo, you are entitled to carry up to 23 kg of luggage with you.


There are no cabins on the connections to Zadar from Pula. However, onboard seating is included in the ticket price.

Pet travel

You can smoothly travel with your pet on the ferries to Zadar from Pula. Pets should be inside their kennels during the ferry crossing to Zadar. However, these rules do not apply to guide dogs.

Note: make sure to fill out all the necessary information when booking your tickets.

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