Panagia Skiadeni

Dodekanisos Seaways

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Panagia Skiadeni

Vessel info & amenities Vessel type: Open deck Length: 84m
Passenger capacity: 590 Vehicle capacity: 115
Onboard facilities Wi-Fi is not available on board The ferry does not have a restaurant Snacks and beverages are available for purchase Pets are allowed to travel on the ferry

Panagia Skiadeni Destinations & Routes

Dodekanisos Seaways' vessel Panagia Skiadeni is operating ferry routes between Rhodes and Symi in the Dodecanese. You can also get between the main port of Symi and the port of Panormitis on the southern part of the island with Panagia Skiadeni.

The ferry crossing from Rhodes to Symi with Panagia Skiadeni is normally in operation from April to October. The sailing duration between Rhodes and Symi is just 1.5 hours, making it ideal for an island-hopping trip on the same day!

Panagia Skiadeni departs from Rhodes to Symi around 09:00 more than 4 times weekly, depending on the season. The ferry connection back to Rhodes from Symi usually takes place around 17:00.

Tickets to travel between the two islands with the conventional vessel start at €21. As for the coast-to-coast crossing from Symi to the beautiful village of Panormitis, it is €12. If you want to bring your car on the board the ferry, the cost is €15.

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