Travel in the Age of Quarantine

Travel in the Age of Quarantine

The Greek Version

Did you have plans to visit the Greek islands this summer? Are you thinking about changing your plans or cancel them? We know this is hard. Unfortunately, we can identify with the feeling.

But let’s focus on the bright side.

Following the guidelines, we will be practicing the art of self-quarantine during the following days. That’s a fact.

Ιs this possible without being completely bored? Thankfully the internet remains open for business.

Think about it: it’s not the best time to travel, but it's the perfect time to dream and plan!

15 Things to do during self-quarantine

  1. Take a Greek Islands Quiz to check your results! Then share it with your friends. Then argue about who got the best result.
  2. Download Duolingo and learn your Greek. Kalimera, parakalo, efxaristo, eisai poly omorfos, thelo souvlaki...
  3. Perfect your favorite greek recipe. It’s Spanakopita time! Follow Akis Petretzikis for more yummy ideas.
  4. Read everything about your favorite island. Visit our destinations page, find your dream island and plan plan plan.
  5. Make lists of the museums, festivals, and events you want to visit when they finally reopen. Lists of your favorite beaches, taverns, and bars wouldn’t harm at all.
  6. Review and send positive feedback to all travel services that helped you with your past adventures. Our customer support team is working tirelessly to help resolve all requests! Make them smile
  7. Organize your old travel photos and create albums per destination. Share them with your co-travelers. 
  8. Chat with your travel buddies and share ideas, articles, and memes about Travel in the Age of Quarantine.
  9. Watch some great Greek films. Stream some of the best here.
  10. Just draw your favorite greek island scenery. You don't need to be Bob Ross.
  11. Optimize your island hopping trip. Use this interactive map to plan it easily and for free!
  12. Listen to some Greek Music. Start from here. Try to learn the lyrics. Why not? We have plenty of time!
  13. Memorize the names of all Greek Islands. Seriously, we don’t even know them!
  14. How about Greek Mythology? Read the Odyssey again and learn more about the myth of Perseus and Serifos.
  15. Visit Matt Barret’s blog and read stories and travel guides for your favorite greek island. And follow YabaTravellers for daily travel inspiration.

Bonus Tip: Dye your hair in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. No one else needs to see!

We understand that this a stressful situation for everyone.  We at Ferryhopper are doing the best we can to support the well-being of all of our team members and our families. We are also doing our best to ensure we reduce our own contribution to the spread of the virus to the minimum. Since Thursday the 12th of March, we are working from home, and learning how to do it!

Sometimes we just need to take a step back, breathe and be optimistic. It’s not the end of the world; we hope!

For updated information regarding Travel & Coronavirus visit our relevant blog post.