User Profile: introducing a new feature on Ferryhopper

For bookings in no time!

Ferryhopper accounts have arrived! Save time by saving your passenger and vehicle details, cards, and trips on your personal User Profile!

One step closer to us means less steps until you get your ferry tickets. Find out how the User Profile feature works, log in, save and manage your details, and enjoy even faster and easier ferry bookings!

Create a Ferryhopper account

Easy-peasy! Whether on the Ferryhopper App or on Ferryhopper (website), you just have to log in via one the following ways:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple

You then need to verify just a couple of details: your first and last name, email and phone number (optional). Save this info and you are all set!

Note that you can always edit these details later in case something changes.

Save and manage your profile details

Once you're logged in, you can now:

1. Enter your profile and save your details for future trips, such as passenger details.

This means that you can add one or several passengers, manage your upcoming trips, and edit your contact details anytime through your profile. This way, when you book a ferry trip, you don’t have to fill in your details all over again, as they are already saved in your profile.

2. Save new details in your profile while booking a ferry trip.

This means that, if you are traveling with a new vehicle or fellow passenger, or you are paying with a new credit card, you have the option to add them in your profile while booking your ferry tickets.

You can also edit the details that you have saved on your profile while proceeding with your booking.

Note: all details that you save on your profile via the Ferryhopper App are also available on Ferryhopper (website), and vice versa, as long as you are logged in with the same account.


You can add your frequent co-travelers to save time during booking:

  • Directly through your profile on Ferryhopper (website).
  • Through the booking flow (step: Passengers) on Ferryhopper or the Ferryhopper App.

Adding passengers on the Ferryhopper profile

Adding new passengers through your Profile on Ferryhopper


For the time being, you can add vehicles (license plate) on your User Profile only via the Ferryhopper App. More specifically, you can save a new vehicle on your profile through the booking flow, while filling in your passenger and vehicle details.


At the moment, you can add payment details (credit card) on your User Profile only via the Ferryhopper App. More specifically, you can add a new credit card through the booking flow, while completing the payment step.


Through your account’s My trips section, you can:

  • Browse and manage all your upcoming ferry trips. You can complete your online check-in, track your ferry in real time (if available) and see your departure port location.
  • Browse your past trips and check their details.
  • Add any bookings made on the Ferryhopper site or app to your trips. You just need to fill in your email address and the Ferryhopper code that you have recieved in your booking confirmation email.

This way, you can keep all your upcoming trips and trip history in one place!

Island Resident Number

For the time being, you can save a passenger’s Island Resident Number on your User Profile only through the booking flow, and not directly through your account.

The option is available both on Ferryhopper and the Ferryhopper App.

Loyalty cards

At the moment, you can save a passenger’s Greek company loyalty card, such as Seasmiles or Fast Ferries, on your User Profile through the booking flow, and not directly through your account.

For the time being, the option is available only on the Ferryhopper App.

Less ferry booking time, better experience

Congrats! This profile is a match… for an awesome ferry trip!

When you keep all your details in one place, booking your tickets is a smooth ride. Become a Ferryhopper yourself, and sail off with ferry tickets at the best prices!